Update 38.1.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 38.1.1, released on Wednesday, December 13th, 2023. 

Of Special Note:

Umbar Craft Guilds are now available!

After reaching the Umbar Guild Member status each profession provides daily quests to complete a recipe, available from the specific guild leaders, to craft items from Umbar crafting to earn more reputation with the craft guild!

In addition to Daily quests, a new weekly reward has been introduced. Completing any guild's daily quests five times will reward you with Virtue XP, Guild tokens, Luck Stone Settings, and a picker box with relevant rewards!

News and Notes:


  • Craft Guilds can now advance to a new tier: Umbar Guild Member.
  • The Crafting Guild Hall Dâr Hadim, Swain's Guild-hall, has been added to Umbar Baharbêl.
  • Reaching Umbar Guild Member in a crafting guild unlocks access to new daily and weekly quests available from Umbar Guild Leaders in Dâr Hadim, Swain's Guild-hall.
    • These quests will advance progress with new Umbar guild reputation factions. Unlike traditional crafting guilds, reputation gained in these specific Umbar factions will not be lost should you choose to change your profession.
  • New recipes to craft equipment and consumables are available for barter from the Umbar Craft Guild vendors.
    • These new recipes include traditional one-shot rare gear recipes and a new type of recipe designed to allow consumables and specific socketed gear to be upgraded as you advance with the guild.
    • The upgrade recipes require Luck-stones, a new type of ingredient, either in their raw form or crafted into a profession specific luck-stone ingredient.
    • The upgrade pathways all start with a baseline item that can be crafted freely traded. These items include equippable gear and recipe-specific tools used in crafting consumables.
    • Baseline items can then be used as ingredients in recipes that will consume them and create upgraded versions. Upgraded items will be bound to account.
    • Upgraded armour and jewellery allows flexibility by adding additional essence slots with multi-output recipes allowing the crafter to choose the essence type slot to add.
    • Upgraded tools, such as cruets, crucibles, and smithing hammers, are used as unconsumed ingredients in recipes for Feasts, Luck-stone Infused Draughts, and Weapon Polish consumables.
  • Special "teachable" recipes available from the Umbar Craft Guilds allow you to craft unbound one-shot upgrade recipes that will allow Apprentice or higher crafters of any profession to upgrade these specific pieces of armour and jewellery.
  • Umbar Crafters can now craft an Ember-worthy Craft item for the quest 'Craft for Embers' using Umbari ingredients.


  • Added travel skill items to the Bloody Eagle Tavern in Umbar, barterable from Order of the Eagle and the Ledger-keepers Allegiance Quartermasters.
  • Forester Axe rewards from the forester event in Combe now correctly apply the chance to gain bonus rare items from harvested wood nodes.
  • The Icon for the Weapon Aura of the Dead City has been updated.
  • The Consumables Delving Selection Box earned from 'Delve Deeper (Weekly)' will only offer the option of an Essence Box for characters above level 105. This Essence Box will be level appropriate.
  • The War-steed appearances Orc Head on a Pike now properly display.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The missing beetle nest for 'Cooking Catastrophe: Beetle Larvae' has been returned, making the 'Cooking Catastrophe' quest available once again.
  • There was an issue with the Huorn and Crebain on Bel Inzûl where they could be fighting players and not be seen by others. This has been fixed.
  • In the Umbar Mission "The Ill-fated Cave", the initial failure text has been updated to be clearer. 
  • Added Healer, Provisioner and Supplier NPCs to the Bloody Eagle Tavern. 
  • Fixed an issue in the "Protecting the Sea Lanes" Umbar Mission wherein portals were usable in combat. 
  • Reduced enemy density in "Protecting the Sea Lanes" and "An Infestation of Crabs" Umbar Missions.
  • Removed Delvings from "Protecting the Sea Lanes" and "An Infestation of Crabs" Umbar Missions. Due to the tight confines of the ship, there are a group of Delving Malices that become too unfair or unfun to warrant including Delvings in these missions.
  • The 'Craft for Embers' quest has been updated to properly require being at the level cap.


  • Brawler
    • Low Strike, Dextrous Hook, and Sinister Cross once again execute at the intended speed for human avatars.

Known Issues:

  • ‘The 12 second duration’ is missing from the tooltips on the 3 Umbar Scholar Guild draughts.