Update 38.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 38.1, released on Wednesday, December 6th, 2023.

Of Special Note:

More Questing at the Hunter's Expedition Camp!

More quests included in Corsairs of Umbar are now available at the Hunter's Expedition Camp in the Cape of Umbar! Find the Hunter's Expedition Camp to the southeast of the City of Umbar to get started!

Missions have come to Umbar Baharbêl!

  • Make your way to the Bloody Eagle Tavern in the City of Umbar to complete 10 new missions from Umbari Mission Givers Malthak and Deshra, taking place in the Cape of Umbar and the Shield Isles!
    • Missions award Allegiance Tokens for both the Order of the Eagle and the Ledger-keepers, as well as Modest Gifts of Ûri to level up your preferred Allegiance.
    • King's Gondor, City of Umbar, Ledger-keeper, Order of the Eagle and Delving Quartermasters have been added to the Tavern of the Eagle.
    • Added the Tome of the Tidal Dune-lurker cosmetic pet, barterable from the Order of the Eagle Allegiance Quartermaster.
    • Added the Tome of the Umbari Huorn cosmetic pet, barterable from the Ledger-keepers Allegiance Quartermaster.
    • Delvings are supported in 9 of the 10 new missions. The mission "The Ill-fated Cave" does not support Delvings, as it is not combat focused.
    • Delving rewards have been updated, and will now award most of their usual loot at level 150. At this time, only uncommon gear may be found in high-tier delving rewards. Rare gear, Incomparable gear, and other rare rewards will be found in Delving chests in concert with the upcoming raid release.
    • The 'Delve into the Darkness (Weekly)' wrapper quest will now award Enhancement Runes packages that give Runes appropriate to your character level.

Yule-tide Hobbit Gifts have Returned!

  • During the Yule season, some Hobbit Presents will come with bonus Yule gifts! These include new cosmetic pets and housing decorations.
  • Dwarf Candles have been removed from Hobbit Gifts. They can now be found available for barter during the Yule, Spring, Farmers Faire, and Harvestmath Festivals.
  • The amount of Virtue XP granted by Gold Hobbit Gifts has been significantly increased.
  • The minimum amount of Virtue XP granted by Silver Hobbit Gifts has been increased.

News and Notes:


  • Superior Crafting effects have been added to the Umbari Forge, Umbari Oven, Umbari Workbench, and Umbari Study housing decorations. The Umbari Oven also gained the Camp-fire effect.
  • The King's Gondor faction now barters an Umbari battle cooked food recipe, alongside the existing trail food recipes.
  • The housing decoration "Yule-tree" has been renamed to "Snowy Pine Tree" to be more descriptive and less confusing.
  • The crafted Large Umbari Dining Table decoration will no longer bind on acquire.
  • The following war-steed appearance traits, which change color with the tail/mane, will no longer incorrectly indicate that they can be dyed: Leggings of the Gloaming Autumn, War-steed's Leggings of Winter's Light, and Tattered Feathers of the Harbinger.
  • The Hooded Mantle of Winter Drifts now displays correctly on Male Humans, River Hobbits and Beornings.
  • Sources of Legendary Item traceries, tokens, and runes which scale to your player's level should now give Umbari-tier items for players level 141-150.
  • Crab legs now drop much more frequently from crabs throughout Gondor, the Shield Isles, and Umbar.
  • The Conquest of Gorgoroth Quartermaster now barters Mariner traceries.
  • The Forest Elk skill granting item icon has been udpated.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Wenda Cranebill can now be found in Dol Amroth (King's Gondor), Lond Cirion, Halrax and Umbar Baharbel.
  • Task boards can now be found in most towns in Western King's Gondor and Outer Gondor.
  • Some of the trolls patrolling the landscape in the War of Three Peaks were scaled up to 150 by mistake. Now they're back to being 130 again.
  • Corrected the directions for 'The City: An Ideal Nesting Place'.
  • Fixed an issue where the monster Jerath on the Cape of Umbar was able to attack players while invisible.
  • Umbar and Shield Isles Dayfile Housing Items now function correctly.
  • Doors for the Houses of Healing and the High Hall in Minas Tirith (Midsummer) are now labeled correctly.
  • A trio of color characters in Linhir (King's Gondor) are no longer knee-deep in the ground.
  • Resource Nodes in Emyn Falas (and other areas of Western King's Gondor) are now the correct types/levels.
  • Death Spot in Barad Rill (King's Gondor) has been fixed.
  • "Fog of War" has been removed from all Furukzahar interiors.
  • Dayfile transition in Furukzahar should occur more quickly now.
  • Sunken deco NPCs in Linhir (King's Gondor) have been adjusted.
  • Resource nodes in the roads of Outer Gondor have been moved.
  • A floating nest in the Cape of Umbar has been grounded.
  • The Bruinen River now flows as expected.
  • The Proto-crab on Bel Inzul was moved off of the beach to remove the danger of aggravating the beastly crab while hunting for the normal crabs along the shore. Additionally, the proto-crab got a size upgrade to show that it is tougher than the rest.
  • Open tapping has been fixed for the Bel Inzûl Proto-salamander bounty in the Shield Isles.
  • Anyâmat can now be summoned during the final objective of the quest 'The Would-be Shanty-man.'
  • Sandstorms now attack appropriately.
  • Various doors in Umbar will no longer remain open for a very long time after use.
  • In the Woe of the Willow, the 'Poisoned Earth' puddles are once again the correct size.
  • Bounty targets on Bel Inzul are all now level 149 or 150.
  • The Houses of Lamentation now rewards random legendary traceries when completed on higher tiers.
  • The Halls of Black Lore now rewards random legendary traceries when completed on higher tiers.
  • Featured Instances completed at level 150 now have a chance to drop incomparable and legendary traceries, rather than rare and incomparable traceries.
  • Featured Instances which require 12 players and are completed at level 150 now always reward a random legendary tracery.


  • Captain
    • Rallying Cry (Defeat Event) healing over time increased slightly.
  • Mariner
    • Fire Pot now correctly benefits from bonuses to 'Fore Skills Damage.'
    • Battle-dress of the Hearty Caller now correctly reduces the cooldown of Guided by the Stars
  • Minstrel
    • Song of Aid healing over time increased slightly.
  • Warden
    • Power restored by the Dark before the Dawn gambit increased.
    • Power restored by the trait Muscle Memory increased.


  • Ettenmoors hope tokens are now properly consumed when used.
  • Smell the Roses may no longer be used in the Ettenmoors.
  • Most Monster Player stats have been increased from iLvl 505 to iLvl 515 equivalent values. Some trait values which were not correctly updated in the U38 release are now using the correct level 150 values.
  • The Free Player Ettenmoors morale multiplier from Audacity has been reduced from 50% to 45%.
  • Monster Players can once again find Greater Sigils of Battle, rarely, in Adventurer's Steel-bound Lootboxes.
  • Crafting resource nodes found in the Ettenmoors now have Umbari-tier materials.


  • The bug that was preventing certain remote bestow quests and deeds from triggering when entering a specific area has been fixed. Among others, this fixes 'The Next Stages of Grief', a series of quests in the Entwash Vale, and some instance Discovery Deeds. 
  • Umbar Allegiances now have a maximum rank of 20, allowing for further advancement along the Allegiance track.
  • The Allegiance home buttons for the Order of the Eagle and the Ledger-keepers now work correctly.
  • Umbar Allegiance travel skills now have a 5 minute cooldown and are unaffected by the Expedient Traveller and Returning Traveller traits.
  • The second step of the Ledger Keeper allegiance quests could place the players into an awkward state between the two potential overseers in Rakhatâb. We revised the quest to go through Núrut in either of his potential locations and roles.
  • There are now several failure cases for the Combe Forester Event. Be careful not to violate the rules or you will be disqualified from the event. All failures are clearly marked as Failure.
  • The Enchanted Vessel cosmetic pet appearance has been restored.
  • Lyndelby and the Lyndelby Homesteads have been added to the Wells of Langflood map.
  • Descriptions for the benefits provided to each class by the Will stat have been corrected.
  • The Shoo emote icon has been corrected.
  • Umbari Weaponsmithing and Woodworking scroll cases now use the correct icons.
  • The Elderslade Milestone icon has been updated.
  • Gundabad Word of Craft and Heraldry crafting recipes have been removed from Reward Track repeatable (101+) boxes.
  • Added categories for Umbar recipe scrolls in the Auction House.
  • French and German: Redhorn Lodes is now properly translated on the Moria regional map.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing a string error to appear in the Combat channel on login/teleport.