Update 38.2 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 38.2, released on Wednesday, January 10th, 2024.

Of Special Note:

The Ill Omens Skirmish Event Returns!

The Ill Omens skirmish event will start on January 11th, 2024. Three new cosmetic pets have been added to Nedda Pinleaf, available to barter for Tokens of Ill Omens: an Ill Omened Jackal, Ill Omened Snake, and Ill Omened Crab!

Due to the recent increase to level cap 150, the rewards for wrapper quest "Skirmish -- Ill Omens" have been adjusted. The quest still awards Virtue XP and a Legendary Tracery Token, but the positive portent barter token reward has been replaced this season by an "Ill Omens Treasury" package. For characters level 20 - 148, this package will award an assortment of crafting materials, including 2 universal solvents. For characters level 149 - 150, this package will award 2 Luck-stones for Umbar crafting, 2 Universal Solvents, a Sea-farer's Primary Essence, and a Cloak of Conflict. This presents an advance opportunity to acquire these cloaks, as they will also be available via alternate means in a future update. Level 150 Cloak Essences that can be placed in these cloaks will also be introduced in an update following the conclusion of the Ill Omens event.

The requirements for the wrapper quest "Skirmish -- Ill Omens" have been adjusted to require 10 Skirmish Assaults (down from 12).

The deed 'Skirmish Assault: Ill Omens (Tier 3)' will now count completion of 'Ill Omens: Doom of Caras Gelebren (Tier 3)' as one of its objectives. If you have 'Skirmish Assault: Ill Omens (Tier 3)' underway and have already completed 'Ill Omens: Doom of Caras Gelebren (Tier 3)', that objective will automatically advance.

News and Notes:

Bug Fixes:

  • You now need to speak to the Accursed Warrior to obtain the quest "Accursed and Lost" in The Wastes.
  • Before the Shadow missions have been corrected to award the correct amount of Legendary Item Reward Track experience.
  • The Roving Threats Quartermasters in Angmar and Forochel, Cánnakh and Ostasänt, have traded appearances to be consistent with their locations.
  • Braiglad's Flower in the Old Forest has been moved from the inside of a rock.
  • Fixed an issue with Delving Quest XP for the reward track not properly scaling with player level.
  • Updated the door to Zufan's Home in Umbar to no longer have a quest requirement, allowing players to leave at will.

Combe Forester Event:

  • Due to an unforeseen issue with providing craft experience rewards in a non-craft quest we have had to remove the experience reward from the Combe Forester Event.
  • The event will now fail for burglars using "Hide in Plain Sight".
  • There is now a longer duration timer for abandonment of the event.
  • Added the serious business as a barring effect to use all of the destructible mount summoning items.


  • Umbari Crafting: The upgrade recipe to enhance Durable Items were set to the incorrect output of Skilled Items instead of the Enduring Items. This has been fixed.
  • A Mistress of Apprentices has been added into the Swain crafting guild. She is located near the entrance to the hall.
  • Umbar Crafting Guild Daily quests have been modified as follows: Collecting the item is now the first objective of the quest, not the execution of the recipe to create the item. The daily cooldown on the recipe to create the crate of goods needed to turn into the Umbar Guild Masters is removed. You can now craft the crate of items independently.


  • Additional rank 30 Allegiance rings may be bartered from Umbari Allegiance NPCs.
  • The Allegiance armour item Elegantly Woven Shoes of the Eagle have had their stats updated so they are no longer the same as Finely Stitched Shoes of the Eagle.
  • Mount and Cosmetic Pet Decorations can no longer be sold to a vendor for silver, preventing the loss of pet or mount information from the decoration during buyback.
  • The new housing music boxes released with Update 38 now properly play music.
  • Food regeneration rates have been normalized, and should now give more consistent Morale and Power regen regardless of the specific food eaten.
  • Umbari Feasts were erroneously giving much stronger than intended bonuses. these have been brought back down to levels much closer to normal food effects.
  • Umbari feasts now correctly give two separate food effects: one for stats and one for regen.
  • The Crab Cast-mother and Greater Crabs in Umbar Missions "A Taste for Crab" and "An Infestation of Crabs" now can drop Umbari Crab Legs that can be used in Umbari Cook craft recipes.

Quests and Adventure Areas:

  • The Challenge Level of Delving Wrappers has been moved to 150.
  • The City of Umbar Bahârbhel is now a little safer for players of level 20 and up. We have lowered the expected player level in the city to reduce the penalty on crafting and to lower the enhanced aggro radius of the enemy mobs within the city proper. Crafters and visiting characters looking to do missions are now less prone to random attacks from distant enemies.
  • The following Stable-master Collection locations will now specify the correct name and area information and work properly to allow teleporting: Aerthir, Arnach, Erynos, Furukzahar (was Dwarf Fortress), The Harlond (was Harlond), Imloth Melui, Linhir, Malbarth, Ost Anglbed, and Zarsatrâd (was Dwarf Outpost).
    The quests "Bevy of Baubles", "Epicureans Desire Eggs", and "Adornment with Feathers" were losing their quest guide information after the usage of a single nest. This has now been fixed and now the area where the nests are found displays the entire time that you have not collected the necessary items. 
  • The quest to take control of Tol Ascarnen and defeat Captain-General Mâkan was blocked by the old tutorial quests in the Ettenmoors. We have now updated the quest requirements to look for the new tutorial experience.
  • Fixed an issue in the Cape of Umbar quest "A Pallid Tide" wherein quest counter announcements were not appearing for all objectives.
  • Ulanor should never have been attackable during 'Blood of My Blood,' either when visible or invisible. Now she's not! There have also been numerous fixes to the drama sequence.
  • The damage of the Creeping Cold Skill has been reduced in the instance "Shakalush, the Stair Battle",
  • Trolls in Azgh-buzru, the War-fell, should now spawn only at level 130.
  • Fixed physics issues in the Umbar Mission "Protecting the Sea Lanes".
  • The Apothecary in Dinadab (King's Gondor) and Galengam's Divine and Delicate Draughts in Calembel (King's Gondor) no longer incorrectly share a dungeon file/map.
  • Worm and Corsair slayer deeds for the Cape of Umbar will now count more of the enemies in this area.
  • Misc asset placement issues have been resolved.
  • Misc cross-server placement issues have been resolved.
  • Misc Z-fighting issues have been resolved.
  • Caverns of Emyn Ernil is no longer accessible in King's Gondor.
  • Misc floating objects/resource nodes have been grounded.
  • Several incorrectly leveled monster and resource node spawns in King's Gondor have been fixed.
  • Typo in the landmark for Abedec's Watch in King's Gondor has been resolved.
  • The entrance to the Mason interior in Dol Amroth (King's Gondor) is now correctly labelled.
  • Misc stuck spots have been fixed.
  • Misc terrain texture issues have been fixed.
  • A milestone has been placed outside of the Swain's Guild-hall.
  • Fixed physics and performance issues in the Umbar Mission "An Infestation of Crabs".
  • The minimum level for 'Quests of the Blackroot Vale' has been restored to its original, intended value of 90 (instead of 140).
  • An Umbar weekly wrapper quest, 'The Fortunes of Umbar Baharbêl (Weekly)', is now available from the Umbar Quartermaster in The Bloody Eagle Tavern, the Upper Ward, and the Hunter's Expedition Camp. Rewards from this quest include Embers of Enchantment and Virtue XP.
  • An Umbari Tâm for Embers quest is now available from the Umbar Quartermaster in The Bloody Eagle Tavern, the Upper Ward, and the Hunter's Expedition Camp.
  • Virtue XP rewards have been removed from level cap 140 wrapper quests including 'Reclaiming the Mountain-hold (Weekly)', 'Challenges of Gundabad (Weekly)', 'Raid: The Hiddenhoard of Abnankâra (Weekly)', 'Challenger of the Iron Crown (Weekly)', and 'Raid: Gwathrenost, the Witch-king's Citadel (Weekly)'.
    The "Silver Coins of Gundabad for Embers" quest has been converted to "Silver Coins of Gundabad for Motes".
  • Adjusted the phasing for Ayaluk in Rakhatab if you help someone with part of his quest line without having started it yourself.


  • The allegiances Order of the Eagle and the Ledger-keepers have each had their max rank advanced from rank 20 to rank 30. New rewards are available at ranks 25 and 30 of each track.
  • The disposing of bottles in the Midsummer Festival quest "A Cure For All Ills" now has an animation.
  • Race of Man hat hair is now updated to match the updated hair texture sets.
  • Race of Man brawler themed helmets with forced hair will now allow for any hairstyle available in the character creation option screen. Previously chosen hair will no longer be overridden when you equip a brawler set helmet.
  • The former forced brawler hairstyles have been spun off into new available styles and updated with current hair textures. The new options are found in both the character creation screen and the barber shop and are only available for the Race of Man female and male characters currently. The new hairstyle options are numbers 58 to 61 for males and 56-59 for females.
  • The titles "Disciple of Scrolls" And "Peak Scaler" now display properly in German.
  • A typo in German has been updated for the Lone-lands map.
  • "Dead-Slayer of the Angle" now displays properly in French.
  • Travel Routes from Jax Phanal will no longer randomly go off course.