Guide to the Harvestmath Festival

Fall is considered by many to be the greatest of seasons, with the weather fair and the foliage shifting from green to a vast array of Autumn colors. Become a patron of the festival and join the fun with quests, deeds, rewards, and more - this is our spookiest party of the year!

The 2023 Harvestmath Festival begins at 10:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT) on October 12th and continues until 3:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT) on November 2nd!

Getting Started:

When the Harvestmath Festival arrives in-game you will see a quest called “Fall Festival Is Here!” in the Quest Actions Available UI after logging into a game world. Completing this quest will grant you a map to the Party Tree along with a Festival Guide providing more information about the event. Here are the main locations of the event:

  • The Party Tree: Located in The Shire at (29.8S, 71.5W) near Hobbiton. The Haunted Burrow is located here as well!
  • Wistmead: Wistmead is a unique location available during the Harvestmath Festival which can be accessed via a fast-travel horse near the Party Tree.
  • There are also quests and item locations in the Breeland Festival Grounds, Duillond, The Shire, and in Thorin's Hall.

Find Rosa Hornblower, the Fall Festival Trader, near the Party Tree to pick up the festival's quest wrappers! They work as follows:

  • A Fortune of Harvest Spirit: This quest awards Legendary Item XP, Incomparable Tracery Tokens, Scraps of an Essence Reclamation Scroll and Fall Festival tokens when completed! Complete this quest by completing “A Bountiful Harvest (Intro)” and its subsequent quests. “A Spirited Harvest” will be available to acquire from Rosa after you accept this quest.
  • A Spirited Harvest: Complete ten Harvestmath Festival activities and be rewarded with Legendary Item XP along with Fall Festival Tokens! This quest is repeatable and can be completed daily.
  • NOTE: There are twenty days worth of “Bountiful Harvest” and “Spirited Harvest” participation quests. Plan accordingly!

While at the Party Tree you should also speak to Opal Goodbody and accept the quest “A Cellar Door Appears”. Completing this quest chain unlocks the Haunted Burrow quests and location.

Let's Get Questing:

There are dozens of quests available to run during the Harvestmath Festival, with the quest givers generally centered around the Party Tree and Wistmead. Here are just a few things you can do:

  • The Party Tree: 
    • Troves and Trickery: This quest will send you to locate NPCs throughout the game in order to perform “tricks” on them through emotes. You will perform the emote by targeting the NPC you wish to emote to and then typing /<emotename> in the chat box. NPCs are located in Bree, Duillond, The Shire, and Thorin's Hall.
    • The Haunted Burrow: This location is accessed near the Party Tree once you have completed the quest chain that begins with “A Cellar Door Appears”. Only one quest can be done at a time, but numerous quests are available to acquire from NPCs located near the entrance to the burrow. This twisty place is full of scares and surprises!
    • Bingo Boffin's story: There is a special series of quests available during the festival which you can acquire and complete by speaking with Bingo Boffin, who is located near the Party Tree. “Frightful Tales to Curl the Hair On Your Toes” begins the series, and the series continues with “The Curse of Eerie Acres”.
  • Wistmead: 
    • Get started by speaking to Walaric Goldworthy, located outside of the entrance to the Wheat Maze! This will unlock numerous quests throughout Wistmead.
    • The Wheat Maze: The Wheat Maze is a twisty field whose path changes every day! Race through the maze before the clock runs out, pick up gourds, shoo away pesky crows, and more! Only one racing quest can be run at a time in the Wheat Maze.  
  • Shire and Bree-land Horse Races: These races return for the event and award Festival Tokens when you cross the finish line in time! These race tracks are located in the Bree-fields near the Festival Grounds [24.9S, 52.0W] and the Delving Fields in The Shire [36.3S, 73.2W].
  • Picking Items: Numerous item-picking quests are available, including Apple bobbing, finding Geodes, picking pumpkins, and more! These quests do not count toward your daily wrapper but do award Festival Tokens. Look for things to click on, such as buckets of water containing apples near the Party Tree!
  • Dancing: Dance Leaders are once again available in four locations to teach you their moves! Successfully completing these dance quests will award you with a dance /emote. The four locations are in the Bree-land Festival Grounds, the Ered Luin Festival Garden, The Party Tree in The Shire, and Thorin's Hall Inn.
  • The Inn League and Ale Association: These groups are looking for a few good drinkers! Raise a mug and complete these quests for fun rewards! Find the Inn League and Ale Association near the Party Tree as well as other festival locations.


The Harvestmath Festival offers a huge and ever-growing list of possible rewards! The new rewards for 2023 are:

  • Elk of the Forest-spirit
  • Tome of the Forest-Spirit Goat
  • Garments of the Forest-spirit - Gift-wrapped Selection Box
  • Cloak of the Forest-spirit
  • Hooded Cloak of the Forest-spirit
  • Boots of the Forest-spirit
  • Mask of the Forest-spirit
  • Mantle of the Forest-spirit
  • Tunic of the Forest-spirit

Players can also earn Housing Items, Steeds and cosmetics for their horses, pets, cosmetic items like cloaks, masks, raven wings, and shields, kites, dyes, emotes, musical instruments, and consumables! 

We hope you have fun during this year's Harvestmath Festival!

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