The Anniversary Festival Guide

Each year we celebrate the anniversary of the release of The Lord of the Rings Online with a special festival event in Middle-earth! This guide will help you get there and tell you how to celebrate and earn great rewards.

Where is the Anniversary Event?

Here are the locations where you can celebrate the event:

  • The Party Tree in The Shire, located at [29.9S, 71.5W] near Hobbiton.
  • Bree, located at [31.1S, 51.2W], in the city and on the edge of it near the West Gate.
  • The Festival Arena in the basement of Thorin's Hall, located at [13.8S, 103.3W].
  • The Methel-stage in The Shire, located at [32.6S, 69.9W].
  • The Horse Races in the Bree-fields near the Festival Grounds [24.9S, 52.0W] and the Delving Fields in The Shire [36.3S, 73.2W]

Where should I go first?

The Anniversary Event centers on The Party Tree in the Festival Grounds. It is there you will meet Waldo Rumble, who will give you multiple quests you'll want to pick up to get started.


  • “Another Lovely Year” gives you rewards for completing three festival quests.
  • “A Yearly Yield (Intro)” which rewards you for completing “Another Lovely Year” three times.
  • “The Anniversary Adventure” rewards you for completing “A Yearly Yield (Intro)” and its subsequent quests.
  • NOTE: There are nine days worth of “A Yearly Yield” and “Another Lovely Year” participation quests. You will need to plan carefully in order to complete these during the yearly festival event!
  • “The Anniversary Scavenger Hunt” begins with Year One and runs through Year 11 and is the main wrapper quest for the Scavenger Hunt portion of the event.

The Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt is a fun way to look back at the game's history while visiting - or re-visiting - some of its greatest locations! This is a huge series of quests, but each year has a number of things you need to know:

What is the difference between “Eriador Year (Year)” quests and “Year (Year)” quests?

The difference is difficulty; the Eriador versions are meant for characters of lower levels, while the non-Eriador versions assume you have the ability to handle our higher level content.

There are three main “Scavenger Hunt Cards” you will have to choose from each year:

  • Tales: These are meant for players of any level to experience the event by traveling and speaking with important characters. Get your /emote skills handy!
  • Travels: As expected, this scavenger hunt card has you visiting places throughout Middle-earth!
  • Trifles: This quest takes you back to challenge some of your biggest foes!

While most of the Anniversary Event resets every year, the Scavenger Hunt will remember where you left off between years. This hunt will take you across the game world, so knowledge of the game's locations and points of interest will definitely help. We also have links to two community guides below to help you out in case you really need some assistance.

Anniversary Festival Quests

There are many quests associated with the Anniversary event, so make sure to visit Bree, the Methel-stage, Thorin's Gate, the Horse Races, and The Party Tree to pick them up! You will also find people in Eriador looking for your help to deliver gifts, so keep an eye out for them in Bree, Combe, Hobbiton, Michel Delving, and Thorin's Gate.

Festivity Instance!

“A Flurry of Fireworks” is a Festival Instance available to experience while the Anniversary Event is active! You can open the Instance Finder through the Main Menu or by pressing Control+F, and you’ll see “A Flurry of Fireworks” under Seasonal > Anniversary.

Help create the greatest fireworks display in Bree-land! Things are a bit behind schedule and dusk is fast approaching, and it is your job to keep everyone on task and make sure the fireworks are in their proper location in time. Completing “A Flurry of Fireworks” will earn you Festivity Tokens, which are delivered into your Wallet, and more!

What can I get from the Anniversary Event?

So many things! Besides Quest XP, Legendary Item XP, Virtue XP, Figments of Splendour, unique items and more, you will earn Anniversary Tokens that you can trade for all sorts of Anniversary Rewards!

  • Anniversary barter vendors called Games Masters will exchange your Anniversary Tokens for numerous rewards, including mounts, pets, cosmetic items, housing items, musical instruments, carrying torches, fireworks, maps, and more!
    • The Games Masters are located near the Party Tree, Bree Market Square, and Hengstacer Farm in Bree-land.
  • The Anniversary Horse Trader is named Henry Peartree and is located in Bree near the Market Square and offers mounts for Anniversary Tokens or Mithril Coins. This is specifically where you can find mount rewards from previous Anniversary events in addition to the newest mount.
  • Keepers of Gifts are also located throughout the world and barter Steel Tokens for various rewards. Steel Tokens are acquired when defeating enemies throughout the game, and are given as random drops.
    • Keepers of Gifts can be found in the Bree Market Square, Caras Galadhon, Celondim, Esteldin, Galtrev, Glân Vraig. Gramsfoot, The Great Hall of Thorin's Hall, Michel Delving, the Twenty-first Hall of Moria, Ost Guruth, Ost Galadh, Rivendell, Stangard, and Tinnudir.
  • Becka Burdock can exchange various seasonal Festival Tokens for other Festival Tokens and is located near the Party Tree.

Further Reading by the community

This guide will get you started with the Anniversary Festival, but if you want to know the most efficient way to get things done, tips and tricks for the quests, and pictures of the various rewards, our players have you covered! In particular, these two player-created guides have helped many people over the years: