Available now through April 1st, 2024!

Celebrate Spring in The Lord of the Rings Online!

The Spring Festival ushers in warmer days and the start of the planting season, and players throughout Middle-earth can celebrate with rewards, quests, and more! This guide will get you started earning Festivity Tokens, Spring Leaves, and other rewards! 

Where is the Spring Festival?

When the Spring Festival is active players can visit the following locations for events and festivities: 

  • The Bree-land Festival Grounds, located north of Bree-town in Bree-Land (24.7S, 51.6W)
  • Duillond in Ered Luin (24.4S, 93.2W)
  • Thorin's Hall in the northwestern section of Ered Luin (13.8S, 103.2W)
  • Brockenborings in The Shire (27.4S, 68.1W) 

The first thing you should do after logging in when the Spring Festival is active is check your Quests Actions Available UI for a free map to the Bree-land Festival Grounds. Make sure to speak to Sergeant Tom, the Spring Festival Rewards Vendor, to pick up your repeatable quest “A Taste of Spring” and his other repeatable wrapper quests for the event. Completing “A Taste of Spring” will progress completion for the other wrapper quests, so make sure you pick them up when available. 

What can I do when I get there?

The Bree-land Festival Grounds: 

Help herbalists and learn an interesting story: Start by speaking to Arn Bulrush, help the herbalists, then speak to Haerandel nearby. Note: “Born Aloft in Spring-Time” is only able to be run once per yearly event.  

Quench the parched: Speak to Arn Bulrush, who is getting behind on drink requests! 

Get lost and found in the Hedge Maze: Catch terrible tweens, find missing companions, make fun of the lost, grab chickens, drink questionable Dire Brews, and race through the maze before time runs out! Also, if you are a member of the Inn League, Tob Sandyman wants to speak with you. The NPCs for the various Bree-land Hedge Maze quests are located outside of the Hedge Maze. 

Show off your dance moves: Additional dance locations are available at The Party Tree in The Shire, Thorin's Hall, and Duillond. 

Race Horses: Horse races are available around the Bree-land Festival Grounds and in The Shire at the race track in the Delving Fields, located at 35.3S and 73.2 W. 

Have some pie: About every 20 minutes, give or take. We hear Humbert Sandheaver is the person to speak to.

Also in Bree, in the Market Square:

Help the love-sick: Help Avery Crabapple win the love of their life with a series of quests to pick flowers and then help him court!

In Duillond, in The Festival Gardens:

Stomp Shrews: Bodo Burrows thinks the Hobbits know how to control Shrews...with their boots! Take part in “Shrew Stomping” by visiting the Festival Gardens and completing numerous quests associated with the activities going on. The Festival Gardens are located inside of what looks like a cave entrance in Ered Luin, located near the Stable-master Colchyl.

Or Don't: Help an upset Elf called Forlad by doing some flower-picking!

Or Just Dance: Shoes aren't just made for stomping, after all.

In Brockenborings:

Brew some brew: Two quests are available to make a special brew for Sigismond North-Took! These quests are non-repeatable, so are only available once per character.

Take a walk: Granted, it is only after drinking said clover-brew, so it's harder than it seems. Speak to Tobias Brockhouse in the nearby Greenfields to give it a shot.

In Thorin's Hall:

Dance with dwarf-folk: Follow along well and earn your reward in Thorin's Hall Inn!

Find the missing: Help someone find their Spring Festival-loving friend! Speak to Mákr in Thorin's Hall Inn to begin the quest.

Seasonal Instances:

Try your hand at Apiary: The Spring Festival has a Seasonal Instance called “Bee's Big Business”! This scalable quest is available during the event via the Instance Finder (Shift+F by default, or through the Main Menu)

Also available: Boss from the Vaults: Naruhel the Red-maid! The Red-maid is lost, or so it seems, to the corruption wrought upon her land. Discover a way to undo the damage! This seasonal Instance is available to characters level 50 to the current server level cap.

Hanta Hantanyel, but what do I get?

By running the quests in the Spring Festival you will earn Spring Leaves, and the Seasonal Instance will earn you Festivity Tokens! You can trade the Spring Leaf currency for numerous Spring Festival rewards by speaking to Sergeant Tom in the Bree-land Festival Grounds. Additionally, some Spring Festival quests offer unique rewards as well.

Trade your Spring Leaves for rewards with the following Vendors:

  • Sergeant Tom in the Bree-land Festival Grounds
  • Merellos in Duillond
  • Sarabeth Gardner in The Shire near The Party Tree
  • Hálgur in Thorin's Hall

Among the rewards are pets, outfits and other cosmetics, dyes, housing decorations, emotes, recipes, consumable items, musical instruments, kites, titles, steeds, War-steeds, and more! New mounts are available through the reward vendor, while older Spring Festival mounts are available for Mithril. The quests also offer Quest XP, Legendary Item XP and other rewards!

Available now through April 1st, 2024!