Update 39: Arenas of Conflict Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 39: Arenas of Conflict, released on Wednesday, March 13th, 2024. 

Of Special Note:

Three new instances and a new raid are now available! All three instances and raid are available to play for anyone who has acquired Corsairs of Umbar. Get more information about Corsairs of Umbar on LOTRO.com. Open the Instance Join Panel by pressing Control+J on your keyboard. Here are some details about these new Instances:

3 Person Instances:

The Streets of Râhal Bakh:

From the apothecaries of Carn Dûm to Langstrand all the way to Umbar, Indagir now known as Khâshap has been transporting a draught of the vilest make. We now grasp at his heels as he makes his final attempt to deliver this substance to his master. We will not fail. We cannot. Khâshap must be stopped, now!

Isle of Storms:

A great winged terror known to the people of Umbar as a Roc has been seen attacking ships sailing off the Cape of Umbar, swamping them with terrible winds and plucking the hapless crew out of the water. The lords of Umbar have requested that you find the nesting place of this monstrous bird and drive it from the Shield Isles. The Roc is believed to be roosting upon a deserted isle in the far reaches of the archipelago, once a haunt for pirates and brigands. Rumours say that they were driven out by strange and monstrous creatures, far greater in size than any beast should be....

6 Person Instance:

Dahâl Huliz, The Arena

The gladiator pits of Umbar Baharbêl are an instrumental aspect of the Umbaran culture. The battles in the arena of Umbar serve many purposes to the city. Foremost, the arena battles entertain the masses. Second, the arena battles serve to mete out justice against the city's greatest offenders. Since taking control of Umbar, the Kindred of the Coins altered the arena's rules. Capital punishment and wanton death are a thing of the cruel past. Combat is now a sport for the masses to engage with and enjoy. Anyone can enter the pit to enhance their glory. The gladiators bound to the arena serve their sentences by entering battle and fighting to the end....

These instances are currently available through Tier 3 difficulty, and will unlock through Tier 5 difficulty at Noon Eastern on March 21, 2024!

12 Person Raid:

The Depths of Mâkhda Khorbo

After the confrontation in the Citadel of Winds, the ship bearing Azagath, Belondor, and Nakási, Reaper of the Waves sails north-west into the shadow cast by the Mâkhda Khorbo. Pursuing the trio, you enter the depths of a long-hidden cavern leading through dank, twisting passages ending at an iron-wrought gate. The smells of the sea, iron, and ash assail you as you press deeper beneath the land and closer to the remnants of the temple ruins.

This new raid is currently available at Tier 1 difficulty, and unlocks through Tier 3 difficulty at Noon Eastern on March 21, 2024! 

The Leading the Charge deeds for these Umbar instances and raid will be available to complete until 3:00 AM Eastern on June 6, 2024. The Depths of Mâkhda Khorbo will have deeds available at difficulty tiers 3, 4, and 5. The other instances offer Leading the Charge deeds at difficulty tier 5 only.

Elderslade Delvings are now available!

Seventy one missions available in the Elderslade are now available as Delvings! Get started by traveling to the War Room of Annâk-khurfu! Find Ausma and Horin to get started. Read more about Delvings on LOTRO.com.

New rewards have been added to the Barterer as well, including travel skills to Elderslade and Umbar Baharbel, The Tome of the Grabby Crab, and the Tome of the Adorable Sand Worm! In addition, Delving armour will be updated to level 150 when the new raid reaches Tier 3. 

Epic Malices have also been added to Delvings! Read more in the release notes below.​

News and Notes:

Classes and Skills:

  • All non-immediate combat skills should now have the 'Fast' skill tag.
  • All offensive, fellowship-wide buffs across classes have been adjusted to apply to the entire raid. For optimized raid groups, this won't make much of a difference to your total possible damage output, but it should make it easier to organize players in groups without forcing a DPS/everyone-else split in order to maximize the power of these buffs. The one notable exception is the Herald of War buff aura, which for technical reasons still only applies to its Captain's fellowship.
  • As Umbar instances arrive, many classes have had their damage or healing adjusted a small amount (details below). While a few specific classes and skills were overtuned, most of these adjustments are broad buffs to a class's overall damage output. We may need to make some further, even smaller, adjustments in the coming weeks, but the goal is to get damaging and healing output as close together as possible across classes.
  • Beorning
    • Beorning skills were incorrectly configured to benefit from an inherent 15% positional damage bonus on initial hits (this did not benefit the second hit of any skill, so it was giving a larger benefit to 2-handed attacks which only strike the enemy once). This has been corrected, and Beornings no longer benefit from an inherent positional bonus on any of their skills.
    • Beorning damage has been increased 10% in light of the positional damage fix.
    • Beornings may now wield swords.
    • Aiding Strike now tiers down rather than disappearing completely if it expires above tier 1.
    • Encouraging Roar healing increased 10%.
    • Nature's Mend healing increased 20%.
    • Aid the Assault (Maul) healing increased 25%.
    • Bash Bleed Damage increased 50%.
    • All forms of Thrash now have a 0.3s cooldown.
    • Expose Cooldown reduced from 6s to 5s.
    • Wrathful no longer reduces your crit chance as it approaches full. It will max out at 16% and stay there as you gain additional Wrath.
  • Brawler
    • Brawler Damage increased 7%.
    • The mitigation debuff from Shattering Fist is now a %-based reduction, rather than an armour rating debuff.
    • Set-up skills now grant 2 Mettle when used.
    • Set-up Skill Cooldowns reduced by 1 second.
    • One for All Cooldown increased by 60 seconds.
    • Plant Feet's hotspot duration decreased from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.
    • Plant Feet's hotspot size increased from 2m diameter to 5m diameter.
    • Plant Feet now tiers up every 3 seconds, rather than every 4 seconds.
    • Plant Feet now has visual effects when placed.
    • The 'Shattering Fist' Legendary Item tracery now only increases the damage dealt by Shattering Fist, and has no impact on the potency of its debuff.
  • Burglar
    • Knives Out no longer taunts enemies hit.
    • Knives Out now increases your Melee Damage for the duration, and does not reduce your Incoming Damage.
    • The effects of Knives Out now last for 16 seconds (up from 10).
    • Improved Knives Out now reduces the cooldown of Knives Out by 30 seconds.
    • When specialized in the Mischief-maker, Reveal Weakness now reduces your miss chance and increases your Evade rating, but does not lower enemy Physical Mitigation.
    • Cunning Attack now reduces enemy Physical and Tactical Mitigations by 3% for 20 seconds.
    • Flashing Blades and Subtle Stab Devastating Criticals now correctly receive the same damage bonuses as regular Critical Hits.
    • Coup de Grace off-hand hits now receive the correct bonuses to Positional Damage.
    • When specialized in the Mischief-maker, Startling Twist will now apply Minor Rent Armour to enemies.
    • Revealing Weakness can stack (with at least two Burglars) up to 2x on an enemy.
  • Captain
    • Power costs of some basic skills have been reduced slightly.
    • Herald healing skills 'Lend Courage' and 'Lend Resolve' were erroneously requiring and consuming far too much of the herald's own Morale. These skills now have a much more appropriate Morale cost.
    • 'Armour Rend' is now called 'Armour Break' and reduces all enemy Mitigations by 3% rather than reducing Armour Rating.
    • Blade of Elendil will now apply the 'Armour Break' debuff.
    • Elite Companions now increases Herald Health, Power, and Damage by 25%.
  • Champion
    • Power costs of many basic skills have been reduced slightly.
    • A number of Champion skills had lower-than-intended Critical Magnitude Damage multipliers, especially for secondary strikes and off-hand hits. These issues have been corrected, and all skills should now have the appropriate 50% baseline Critical Multiplier for every hit.
    • Champion Damage increased 10%.
    • Blade Wall damage increased an additional 10%.
    • Fury of Blades Damage increased an additional 5%.
    • Born for Combat Damage increased an additional 25%.
    • Born for Combat now gives you a Damage buff (1% per enemy hit, 10 max, 15 second duration).
    • Born for Combat now has a 15s cooldown, and does not require you to be hit any number of times before it can be used.
    • Wild Attack now correctly benefits from bonuses to 'Strike Skills Critical Magnitude' such as from the trait 'Deadly Strikes.'
    • Rend no longer reduces enemy Mitigations.
    • Blade Wall now reduces enemy Physical Mitigation by 5%.
    • The Cardolan Essence of Glory now increases Masochism Mitigations by only 2.5%.
    • Masochism now improves your Mitigations by 5% by default.
    • Rend Bleed damage increased 10-30% (greater increase for higher tiers).
    • Battle Frenzy now has a default cooldown of 45 seconds, and its tracery will reduce its cooldown by up to -7 seconds (meaning its lowest-possible cooldown is unchanged at 8 seconds).
    • The effects of Great Cleave no longer stack with each other when Great Cleave is used twice in quick succession with the help of Call to Greatness.
    • Several skill cooldowns were reduced by 0.2-0.3 seconds.
    • The 'Rend' Legendary Item tracery now only increases the damage dealt by Rend, and has no impact on Blade Wall's debuff.
  • Guardian
    • Power costs of many basic skills have been reduced slightly.
    • Guardian Damage reduced 5%.
    • Specializing in the Keen Blade no longer suggests that you gain a passive bonus to Response Chain skills.
    • The trait 'Numbed Senses' now increases the cooldown of Ignore the Pain by 2 seconds for each tier. This is to balance the value gained from the additional effect removals and should improve cleanse parity with other tank specs in particular.
    • Redirect now reflects and reduces less damage when used in the Ettenmoors. This also affects the potency gained from the trait 'Vicious Rebuttal.'
    • Critical Defence rating from the 'Bolster' effect has been significantly reduced.
  • Hunter
    • Explosive Arrow now applies Major Rent Armour when the Hunter is specialized in the Trapper tree.
  • Lore-master
    • Lore-master Damage increased 15%.
    • Lore-master brooches and stick-pins that give Pet In-Combat Morale Regen, Pet Critical Rating and Pet Evade Rating have had these properties removed, as they were not working correctly.
    • Benediction of the Raven now removes 3% Tactical Mitigation rather than 10% Fire Mitigation.
    • Catmint now increases the potency of your Raven's Distraction debuff by 10%, and does not impact the Benediction debuff.
    • Sticky Tar now reduces Physical Mitigation by 8% in addition to its existing 10% Tactical Mitigation reduction.
    • Major Rent Armour now reduces enemy Mitigations by 12.5% after the more potent (15%) Enfeeble debuff expires.
    • Ents Go to War damage has been increased.
  • Mariner
    • Power costs of many basic skills have been reduced slightly.
    • Breath of Fire, Fire Pot, and Jagged Knife Damage reduced 5%.
    • Flick is now an Immediate skill.
    • Pitch Pot now reduces Physical Mitigation by 8% in addition to its existing 10% Tactical Mitigation reduction.
    • The Remmorchant set 'Armour of Elegant Shanties' now correctly reduces the Critical Chance of all enemies hit, and correctly shows that it is reducing enemy Critical Chance.
    • Shanty: Fore with Haste is no longer a toggle skill. When used, it will still ramp up in potency like it currently does, but it will add a steady +3 Fore-ward pips every second.
    • Shanty: Fore with Haste cooldown increased by 15 seconds, to account for the time it previously spent toggled-on before the cooldown started.
    • When a Minstrel uses Call to Greatness, The Breaking of Thangorodrim will be reset rather than Guided by the Stars.
  • Minstrel
    • Piercing Cry (Dissonance) Damage reduced 15%.
    • Piercing Cry (Melody) Damage reduced 10%.
    • Raise the Spirit healing increased 10%.
    • Raise the Spirit's bonus heal given by 'Raise Our Spirits' is no longer a single followup heal; it is once again a short HoT, and will not overwrite itself.
    • Bolster Courage healing increased 30%; Power cost increased 20%.
    • Fellowship's Heart Healing over time increased 15%; initial heal increased 5%.
    • Triumphant Spirit Healing increased 25%.
    • Chord of Salvation Healing increased 15%.
    • Power costs increased slightly for Chord of Salvation, Triumphant Spirit, and Perfect Ending.
    • Call of Orome's mitigation debuff has been changed from a ratings-based debuff to a %-based debuff, and now removes 2.5% Tactical Mitigation (or 3% in Melody).
  • Rune-keeper
    • Rune-keeper Fire Damage increased 20%.
    • Rune-keeper Lightning Damage increased 35%.
    • Healing from Writ of Health reduced by 5%.
    • Molten Rune-stone damage is now correctly improved by its associated trait and the 'Rune-stone Healing and Damage' tracery.
    • Writ of Lightning and Writ of Fire now each apply 'Weakening Writ' which tiers up from -1% to -5% Tactical Mitigation. Writ of Lightning no longer reduces Lightning Mitigation specifically.
    • Power cost of Static Surge reduced.
    • Shocking Words damage increased slightly.
    • Do Not Fall now has a default cooldown of 2 minutes 20 seconds, and its related tracery only reduces its cooldown by up to -33 seconds (with a legendary tracery).
    • Rune-keepers specialized in Cleansing Flame or the Fury of Storm will only have a Do Not Fall duration of 20 seconds, allowing you to revive an ally, but only if used carefully right before an ally is defeated. (Do Not Fall will still retain its 5 minute duration for Benediction Rune-keepers)
    • Molten Rune-stone Damage increased and adjusted so that bonuses to its damage give closer to the real impact their values suggest. (+30% Molten Rune-stone Damage still won't give you a true 30% increase, but this change means its real impact is closer to 30% where it is closer to ~7%).
    • Rallying Verse now affects players revived by 'Do not Fall this Day'
  • Warden
    • Power costs of many basic skills have been reduced slightly.
    • Warden skills Initial Damage (not DoTs) increased 5%.
    • Assailment and In the Fray stance skill cooldowns have been reduced to 1 second.
    • Marked and Diminished Target baseline debuff potency has been reduced from 5% to 3%.

Combat and Monsters:

  • Fixed an issue in the "Protecting the Sea Lanes" Umbar Mission wherein portals were usable in combat.
  • Mounted Combat - Minstrels and Lore-masters will no longer shout twice when using the Intimidate skill.
  • Howling Grey Wolves and Vale-fly Pests near Celondim have been adjusted to spawn at level 6.
  • Several named worms in Forochel that were identified as Warm-worms have been corrected to be labeled as Cold-worms.
  • The Lion and Saber-tooth monster effect "Festering Wound" has been given more obvious visual effects to indicate this effect should be cleansed.


  • Several crafted Medium and Light helms and gloves have had their names changed to better reflect their appearance.
  • Weaponsmith Polishes have been moved to the Luck-stone category in the crafting panel.
  • Umbar crafted Burglar Signals now properly make use of the critical crafting item for tailors.
  • 'Fervent Morale' potions crafted by Umbar Guild Scholars have been reworked. They will now increase the healing received by players for a set time, afterwards they will be affected by a debuff that prevents the healing increase buff until it runs out.
  • The 141 crafted Heraldries now have level 150 max on the set bonus.
  • The following crafted earrings have had their stats fixed: 'Handmade Earring of Tidal Fear' and 'Expertly Handmade Earring of Tidal Fear'.


  • Players can no longer exploit the last gate of the Forester Event by going through in the opposite direction.
  • Players now need to turn in the quest for the Forester Event to receive their winner and runner-up rewards.
  • Axes in the Forester Event now spawn when the event is ready to begin - this should eliminate the exploit where players were getting the axes without an induction.

Items and Rewards:

  • New recipes are now available for barter from the The City of Umbar Rewards Quartermaster: Cloak of Mâkhda Khorbo Recipe, Token of Umbar Recipe, and Serpentine Essence Recipe.
  • Newly acquired Adventurer's lootbox gear, for level 150 characters, will now scale to item level 513 - 515.
  • Sea-faring Adventurer's Essence Boxes are now available for barter with the Adventurer's Quartermaster and have a chance to drop from Adventurer's Steel-bound Lootboxes.
  • The Allegiance armour item Elegantly Woven Shoes of the Eagle have had their stats updated so they are no longer the same as Finely Stitched Shoes of the Eagle.
  • Additional cloaks of Elessar may be bartered from King's Gondor Quartermaster NPCs.
  • Special Word of Craft traceries no longer allow you to equip Gundabad and Umbar versions simultaneously. You can still equip 1 incomparable and 1 legendary tracery of the same type, but you can not equip a Legendary Gundabad Induction tracery at the same time as a Legendary Umbar Induction tracery, for example.
  • Some Ost Dunhoth and Wildermore shields once again display at their intended size.
  • Umbari Feasts will now apply over any current trail food and cooked food buffs on the player. Personal-use 2-hour food and Feasts now have the same priority, so you will receive the effects of whichever was most recently eaten between the two.
  • Umbari Feasts are now correctly able to trigger both trail food and cooked food buffs for Brawlers.
  • The 'Map to Rhosgobel' will now be consumed on use, however it has had it's cooldown lowered to 10 minutes.
  • Delving Hope tokens now last 30 minutes and persist through death. Does not apply to fellowship.
  • VFX on the Weapon Aura of Elven Blessings was a bit over powering, it has been slightly toned down.


  • Underground marigolds in the Gloomglens have been brought to the surface.
  • Braiglad's Flower in the Old Forest has been moved from the inside of a rock.
  • A crate of supplies in Skarháld has been moved from the inside of a wall.
  • The Roving Threats Quartermasters in Angmar and Forochel, Cánnakh and Ostasänt, have traded appearances to be consistent with their locations.
  • Tegwen Spurry in Trader's Wharf has gotten new hair.
  • Beriaudur in Dol Amroth (King's Gondor) will now have a consistent appearance.
  • Leri Grudd has put her book away in order to fix her hair.
  • Ambassador Spakorth now looks the same inside Instance: A House Forged Anew as he does outside of it.
  • Rhiangar's clothes in the Herne Mayor's Office kitchen are now the clothes she was wearing the last time you saw her.
  • The Roving Threats Quartermasters in Angmar and Forochel, Cánnakh and Ostasänt, have traded appearances to be consistent with their locations.
  • Lizbeth Honeymeade of the Comb and Wattle Inn is no longer sinking into the floor.
  • The Defender of Ost Guruth at the Eglain Camp in the Lone-lands is now standing on the ground.
  • Sithgar in Ost Rimmon has calmed down a bit and is no longer kicking things.
  • Fuirgam in Ost Galadh no longer kicks the table between conversations.
  • Baldmund of Stoke in West Rohan how has a consistent appearance.
  • Misc stuck spots have been fixed.
  • Misc asset placement issues have been fixed.
  • The Longbeard Stable-masters have been renamed War Effort Recruiter to reflect their role more accurately.
  • Fixed a font problem with displaying instance names in the Outer Gondor Reflecting Pool.

Missions and Delvings:

  • 71 Elderslade Missions have been converted to Delvings.
    • 9 missions have not been converted to Delvings, due to being incompatible in some way with the system. These missions are incompatible:
    • “Collapsing the Old Paths”, “Burrowers by the Hadhodiant”, “The Sacrificial Tower”, “The Watchers of Iron”, “The Three Wardens”, “The Goblin-town Gauntlet”, “Invasion at the Redhorn Pass”, Training for Glory” and “Goblins at Stramvárth”.
  • The Delving Wight Archer now uses ranged skills at ranged distances and does not default to melee skills.
  • Added travel skills to the Bloody Eagle Tavern in Umbar to Delving Quartermasters for Delving writs. These skills can be used from level 20 onward.
  • The travel skills available from Delving Quartermasters to Annâk-khurfu in Elderslade have had their item levels lowered to 20, to allow lower level characters to venture on missions there.
  • In Mission: Aiding the Bridge Builders, the builders now have hammers in their hands that they also use as weapons.
  • Elderslade mission givers can now redeem completed Delving quests and give Delving weekly quests.
  • Elderslade missions have been changed from a 10 day schedule to 7 days. This change was made alongside the Delving mission conversion so that each Delving Variant could appear in each mission.
  • Epic Malices:
    • Epic Malices have been added to Delvings. These are Malices that affect you or the space itself. These Epic Malices will appear on Tier 9 as part of the reordering of Malices. We are launching with three Epic Malices, and more may be added in the future. 
      • Epic Fervour - Your Fervour and intensity grows with each enemy defeated. For each enemy defeated, gain a stacking damage buff. Buff stacks up to 10 times.
      • Epic Tempest - Storm clouds form in the space, spawning every 45 seconds and roiling through the space. There are 4 possible storms: Storm of Fire, which does fire damage to you and enemies; Storm of Lightning, which does lightning damage to you and enemies, Storm of Healing, which heals you and enemies, and Storm of Protection, which grants an Armour buff to you and enemies.
      • Orc Tunnels - Orcs and goblins are digging under your feet! Orc tunnels will pop up in the space every 90 seconds. One tunnel will spawn per player. Destroy the tunnel or it will spawn a random Delving orc or goblin every 30 seconds!
  • Delving Malices have been reordered. We aim to do this periodically to keep Delvings fresh and showcase new combinations of Malices. With the addition of
  • Delving Epic Malices to Tier 9, Malices previously there have been moved to Tier 11, so every Delving tier now unlocks a new Malice.
  • The Adorable Sand Worm and Grabby Crab pets are now available from the Delving Quartermaster for Delving Writs.
  • A Delving Quartermaster has been added to the Annâk-khurfu War Room.
  • Players can now barter for level 150 essences and crafted tracery recipes from Delving Rewards NPCs.
  • Sauron's Defense II now reflects 30% of damage instead of 45%.
  • Sauron's Defense II is a corruption and when removed no longer re-adds a lower tier of Sauron's Defense.
  • Lingering Fear now subtracts 50% of incoming healing, down from 90%, and has a cap of 2 effects at once on a player.
  • The Delving Malices Encroaching Shadow and Slime Puddles II have had their base effects increased slightly.
  • The following Delving Malices have had their capped number of effects per player reduced: Disease Cloud I, Disease Cloud II, Fire-storm I, Fire-storm II, Poison Puddles I, Poison Puddles II, Slime Puddles I, Slime Puddles II, Encroaching Shadow, Explosive Devastation I, Explosive Devastation II. Each effect has been reduced from a cap of 3-6 effects to a max of 2 effects per player.
  • Gnawing Cold and Persistent Cold attacks with one hour player debuffs have been removed from Elderslade mission monsters.
  • "The Throne of Tharrazhâr" Elderslade mission now correctly lists Hrímil's Chosen as the mission twist.
  • On A Mission (Weekly) & On A Continuing Mission (Weekly) will no longer bestow twice on legendary worlds like Treebeard. Only the version awarding Motes of Enchantment will be available until the level cap matches other live worlds.
  • The Elderslade mission The Sacrificial Tower now correctly lists "Reinforcements!" as its mission twist.
  • Delving Mission Givers no longer reference Caras Gelebren or Sarch Vorn, the Black Grave.
  • The ballistae in the Elderslade mission "Assault on Ashmâr-zarakh" now show destruction visual effects when destroyed.
  • Added polish to Mission: A Life's Work.
  • The mission twist "Burning Shield" is now a corruption and is removable by corruption removal. Has a max stack size of 3.
  • The portal at the beginning of "The Ill-fated Cave" Umbar mission no longer allows passage while on that mission, as it is only intended for use during the "Dig Deep" Cape of Umbar quest.

Quests, Deeds, and Adventure Areas:

  • A new chapter of "The Song of Waves and Wind" is now available at the Harbour-warden's Tower in the Sail-Haven. 
  • Six new quests are now available in The Angle of Mitheithel. Begin these quests by speaking to Ivoreth, along the road west of Tham Lumren.
  • Fixed the graphical glitch that occurred when Legolas dismounts from his horse during 'Instance: Allies Unexpected'.
  • Fixed an issue in the Cape of Umbar quest "A Pallid Tide" wherein billboard counter announcements were not appearing for all objectives.
  • Ulanor should never have been attackable during 'Blood of My Blood,' either when visible or invisible. Now she's not! There have also been numerous fixes to the drama sequence.
  • Adjusted the placement of crates for 'The Stacking Game' in Furukzahar to eliminate some graphical issues.
  • Mithril travel to Faeron for 'Agarnaith: The Return to Seregost' should now send you to his correct location.
  • Adjusted the phasing for Ayaluk in Rakhatab if you help someone with part of his quest line without having started it yourself.
  • Worm and Corsair slayer deeds for the Cape of Umbar will now count more of the enemies in this area.
  • The quest-bestowing items for 'Reflections on War,' 'Call of the North,' and 'Angmar Reborn, Prologue' are now destructible, which brings them in line with other similar items.
  • The Khundolar boss you encounter during 'Instance: Mists of Anduin' will no longer fight with an invisible sword.
  • Ered Mithrin repeatable quests can now be reset with mithril.
  • West Gondor repeatable quests can now be reset with mithril.
  • Lothlórien repeatable quests can now be reset with mithril.
  • Gundabad repeatable quests can now be reset with mithril.
  • The Lothlórien repeatable quest "A Revel Too Far" can now be reset with mithril.
  • West Gondor fishing repeatable quests can now be reset with mithril.
  • Daily and Weekly Mission quests in Gundabad have been made mithril resettable, to aid in Allegiance progression.
  • Mithril travel to Faeron for 'Agarnaith: The Return to Seregost' should now send you to his correct location.
  • Adjusted the placement of crates for 'The Stacking Game' in Furukzahar to eliminate some graphical issues.
  • The Pelargir (King's Gondor) quest A Cure for Weariness now rewards players with level appropriate Lamb Hotpots.
  • The drama sequence at the end of Mission: The Zhelruka Clan, Chapter 8 has received some polish.
  • Arwen will no longer disappear from Imdolen, above Rivendell, when she departs for the Wedding. Players working on the Court of Lothlorien Allegiance will still need to speak to her in Imlad Gelair, but now she will be more reliably present in the early game.
  • The bestowal text and objectives in the quest The War Effort Needs You! have been updated for accuracy and clarity.
  • Made some adjustments to 'The Would Be Shanty-man' to make Anyamat's quest objectives more clear.
  • Corsairs in Azruthor's Rue and the rest of Tarlang's Crown will now count for the deed Corsair-slayer of Western King's Gondor and Corsair-slayer of Western King's Gondor (Advanced).
  • Goats and Deer in King's Gondor West Belfalas were incorrectly classified as belonging to the Blackroot Vale.
  • Adjusted the directions to the Crossings of Erui for Epic Volume IV, Book 3, Chapter 3, 'Fearless.'
  • Two previously remotely bestowed quests in Harwick, East Rohan, Pushing Back their Advance and Quench the Flames, are now bestowed by Sergeant Hyburt.
  • Both require the quest Prisoners of Olghakhósh to be in progress before he will offer them to you.
  • Hobbit and Elf Allegiance instance quests that previously appeared in the quest log under Allegiance: The Kingdom of Gondor, will now appear in their correct categories.
  • Bounty quests to hunt the Proto creatures is now properly set to small fellowship.
  • The Town Crier in the Belfalas housing area now properly allows you to enter the session play for the April Fools Event.
  • Boss monsters within "Shakalush, the Stair Battle" can no longer be slowed.


  • The new Ettenmoors food and buff scroll effects will now be properly removed upon leaving the Ettenmoors.
  • Note that they should not be removed if you lose connection or simply relog within the bounds of the Ettenmoors.
  • Several Monster Player traits and effects were granting higher-than-intended values for in-combat regen rates. These have been corrected, and now give the intended values. This also impacted Morale and Power values from Imposing Presence, and the Vitality debuff from Curse of the Lethargic Heart.
  • The free player morale bonus from 17 Audacity in the Ettenmoors has been reduced from +50% to +40%.
  • In-combat Power Restoration from Ettenmoors war rations is now closer to standard food ICPR.
  • Many Ettenmoors consumable items now have larger stack sizes.
  • Freep Outgoing Damage Bonus from 17 Audacity has been reduced from x1.2 to x1.15.


  • Emotes - River Hobbits now produce trumpet sounds when performing the /trumpet emote.
  • "Yule Tunic and Trousers" and all appearances that use the same model now show feet slot cosmetics when worn with shoes for Beorning, Race of Man, and River Hobbits. Boots that are too tall will be hidden and instead the outfit's default shoes will be displayed. Feet will no longer disappear.
  • The Brockenborings provisioner Sancho Chubb, in the Shire, has had that title added to his character.
  • The disposing of bottles in the Midsummer Festival quest A Cure For All Ills now has an animation.
  • Removed the extra sound effect that was playing during 'Instance: The Fellowship Departs'.
  • All Beorning traceries should now correctly have a chance of dropping from random tracery packages.
  • Certain versions of the damage vulnerability properties had their tooltip descriptions mixed up (melee vs. ranged vs. tactical). This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug causing Auras to sometimes not display on Axe of the Shadowed King.
  • Neighborhood Task Boards have been adjusted. Level 140 tasks are now on their own posting. The placement of some of the postings has been adjusted so that the levels of the tasks align with the Task Collection Box below them.
  • The Bloody Tavern Vendor Akálam's map note has been corrected.
  • Neighborhood Task Boards now have tasks for levels 141-150.
  • Players can no longer rotate while using the Epic Lecture emote, which was previously breaking the effect.
  • French and German: Several translations for NPC occupation titles have been updated.

Known Issues:

  • There are a subset of items that grant statistical bonuses beyond their designated level range, and in the near future we will adjust these items from granting prior statistical bonuses once their listed level range has been reached: Shield of the Hammerhand, Earring of the Dead City, Empowering Earring of the High Elves, Focusing Earring of the High Elves, Weightless Earring of the High Elves, Fateful Gundabad Earring, Flowing Silver Stone, Flowing Silver Stone of the Tortoise, and Fleet Merchant's Earring. We expect this change to arrive with Update 39.1. (Additional note added later:  The items will remain available for use but apply a diminishing return to the statistical benefits at the level cap where experience or currency bonuses would end. This means you can continue to use the item, but it can, and likely should, replace the item by more potent items obtained through playing higher levels of the game.)
  • The mission "Protecting the Sea Lanes" is currently unavailable due to a bug. We expect to reopen this mission in a future game update.