Update 39.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 39.1, released on Wednesday, March 20th, 2024. 

Of Special Note:

Lootboxes have been updated!

Adventurer's and Traveller's Steel-bound lootboxes contain new "Silent Hunter" cosmetic items including avatar cosmetics, a steed, and matching war-steed appearances, a Sitaka cosmetic pet, plus new housing items including a silent hunter tapestry and pelt. These items are also available on Myrtle Mint for Figments of Splendour. Adventurer's and Traveller's Steel-bound lootboxes also now contain Silent Hunter Cloaks, a Silent Hunter Mask, and Silent Hunter Garden Perch and Settee housing decorations, which are not available through Myrtle Mint.

News and Notes:


  • Lore-master - Players are no longer able to use Bear taunts in six or twelve player Instances.


  • Several new instance rewards used in crafting recipes should now correctly be able to be placed into Crafting Carry-alls: Pieces of Petrified Driftwood, Iridescent Jets, Crackling Opals, Effervescent Moonstones, and Flaming Zircons.
  •  Certain items, designed to catch players up to specific level cap content, will now grant reduced statistical bonuses once your character has advanced beyond the designed catch-up level. These items will remain available for use but apply a diminished statistical benefit at the level cap where experience or currency bonuses end: Shield of the Hammerhand, Earring of the Dead City, Empowering Earring of the High Elves, Focusing Earring of the High Elves, Weightless Earring of the High Elves, Fateful Gundabad Earring, Flowing Silver Stone, Flowing Silver Stone of the Tortoise, and Fleet Merchant's Earring.
  • The Dagorlad Wastes Frame granting item received from the Legendary Items Reward Track Season 9 has been corrected so that it binds to account.

Quests and Adventure Areas:

  • The Arena
    • A number of skills and effects have had their damage tuned slightly - some up, but mostly down. Boss damage, especially from Ulanor and Rothog, was a bit higher than we'd like in the Tier 3 version of this instance.
    • Crowd Work puddles have been adjusted slightly, and should now give more balanced effects.
    • Ulanor:
      • Reduced initial and DoT Damage of Haemorrhage. The Haemorrhage bleed now falls off in potency much more dramatically as it tiers down.
      • Reduced initial damage of Inferno
      • Fixed AoE targeting of Haemorrhage
    • Akhmâr Redstorm will now correctly use Bastion of Light.
    • All Bosses have had their damage reduced by five to ten percent, had their health increased by ten percent, and had their movement speed increased.
    • Nakrov no longer chains his horn abilities one after the other.
  • Isle of Storms
    • Ground effects in boss fights now clean up when the fight ends.
    • The Deadly Cyclone is now less likely to follow non-main threat targets.
    • The Intoxication effects in the second boss fight can no longer stack.
    • Vengeful Mariners no longer cause the Ape boss enrage to "wrap around". 
    • The Ape boss now kills mariners faster if they are the only targets remaining.
    • The Ape boss' spinning swipe now properly hits players.
    • The Crocodile boss no longer cancels septic cloud if the main target moves away from it.
    • Fire barrels now do considerably more damage over time.
    • The meta Deed now properly bestows.
  • The Streets of Râhal Bakh
    • Khâshap now moves more quickly.
    • Several Jephai Bombers are now more likely to throw fire on people below.
    • Jephai Look-outs now use their "Call for Reinforcements" skill only once.
    • The initial cooldown of Jephai Look-outs' "Call for Reinforcements" skill has been increased.
    • The "Jephai Volley" and "Fire Pot" skills now pulse every two seconds instead of every three seconds.
    • Utho, the Grasper now plays the "Stagger" attack skill correctly on targets not within melee range.
  • The Depths of Mâkhda Khorbo
    • Umshûra's Thunderous Roar no longer buffs Umshûra's head. It should still affect all tentacles and adds active at the time.
    • Umshûra's adds when returning to the "head up" phase now spawn correctly.
    • Completing the raid on all tiers will reward players with a title.
    • An issue that caused players to sometimes get stuck in combat has been fixed.
    • The effect to defeat the shades after Belondor is defeated is no longer a DNT string table, and is now called Belondor's Guilt.
    • A boat being destroyed by Umshûra's tentacles now displays a notification. 
    • The automatic aggro range of enemies in the Iron Stairwell has been removed.
    • Messages that appear in the instance now also appear in the chat log.
  • Spring Festival
    • We have corrected an issue with Bullroarer's Challenge that could cause the challenge to improperly fail.
  • The travel route from Rakhatâb to Jax Phanâl now ends at its correct destination.
  • The Umbar mission "Protecting the Sea Lanes" now works as intended and has been reopened.
  • An issue preventing the Delving Malice "Explosive Devastation I and II" from being cleansable has been fixed.

Known Issues:

  • Players completing Tier 1 difficulty of "The Depths of Mâkhda Khorbo" are not receiving their proper "The Shadow Chaser" title reward. This title will be retroactively awarded to players who have completed this Instance in a future game update.