Update 34.1.2 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 34.1.2, released on Wednesday, January 11th, 2023.

News and Notes:


  • Housing decorations no longer require any kind of Reputation requirement for usage.
  • Additional housing items have been added to the Cardolan and Swanfleet Mission and Delving barterers.
  • The Felegoth Chandelier has been scaled down somewhat to better fit in all house types.


  • The amount of each attribute provided by Stat Tomes has been adjusted to increase more smoothly across tiers, and to better match the minimum usage level required.
  • There are now Level 101 Burglar Word of Mastery traceries in the Rivendell Archive.
  • The Hope effect from +5 Hope Tokens (40 minutes) will now persist through defeat.
  • When receiving +5 Hope Tokens (40 minutes) from a lootbox you will now receive a stack of two.
  • The cooldown for Delving Edhelharn Tokens is now 30 seconds instead of three minutes.
  • The Black Grave War-steed Leg cosmetic is now dyable.
  • Lore-masters can once again purchase Lesser-eagle variant tomes from their class trainers.


  • Players and Monster Players will no longer benefit from any of the buffs coming from the Delving of Frór.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Dread has been reduced in high tier Delvings.
  • The Delving Malice "Sauron's Defence I" no longer auto-stacks.
  • Fixed an issue with the Delving Malice "Sauron's Defence II" where it would reapply incorrectly when enemies had four effect tiers. "Sauron's Defence II" is now a tiered effect with three tiers to be removed, and no longer spreads between enemies.
  • Corrected an issue with the Delving Malice "Infested!".
  • The Delving Malices "Sauron's Eye I-III" have had the amount of Dread they spread reduced from 2,3, and 5 to 1, 2, and 3.
  • The flies in the Delving Malices "Clutch of Flies I and II" now form a cloud around the player rather than the enemy.
  • Descriptions have been added to each Delving variant and level, making it easier to know which malices are active and what their effects are.
  • Delving Strength tooltips now show the amount of modified morale and damage output.
  • Malices at high levels of Delving variant four have been made less punishing. A bug was corrected that caused monster damage values to multiply rather than add. "Clutch of Flies II" on flavor two and "Deadly at Range" on flavor four have now swapped places.
  • Missions that feature Delvings require players entering the Mission space to also have the corresponding wrapper quest from the Mission giver. If you do not have the corresponding wrapper quest you will be returned to your first saved milestone location upon entering the Mission instance.
  • The Mission "Sigils and Signs" now properly spawns scouts after destroying the banners and slaying the Uruks.
  • Black Powder Kegs in the mission "Among the Watch-towers" can now be used in all group sizes.
  • The Shortened Account for "Daughter of Strike" now properly displays inside Delossad.
  • Enemies summoned during the Grey Fear fight in "Sarch Vorn, the Black Grave" will no longer spawn as Scions.


  • GERMAN: Translations have been updated for Cardolan and Swanfleet Tasks.  
  • GERMAN: Corrected translations for the Captain Skill -To Arms (Shield-Brother)
  • GERMAN AND FRENCH: The Charming/Dashing/Rakish Feline skills and collection page will now display in the correct language
  • GERMAN: Descriptions updated for “Quest: The Taurogrim Return.”
  • FRENCH: The Dialogue for Anthandir in the Yondershire Quest now displays in French. 
  • FRENCH: The Dialogue from Marigold Boffin in “Quest: A Visit to Yondershire in Tham Amothir” now displays in French.
  • FRENCH:  Translations for the “Sword of Twilight Tales and the Sword of Twilight Stories” have been updated.
  • FRENCH AND GERMAN: Several typos have been corrected. 


  • Yuletide Hobbit Gifts are no longer available in-game.