Update 34.2 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 34.2, released on Wednesday, February 1st, 2023.

Of Special Note:

The Ill Omens Skirmish Event Returns!

The Ill Omens Skirmish Event begins at 10:00 AM Eastern on Thursday, February 2nd and runs until 3:00 AM Eastern on Tuesday, February 28th! This year's event includes new rewards! Speak to Nedda Pinleaf at Skirmish Camps near South Bree, Ost Galadh or the Twenty-First Hall in Moria to get started. Defeat special Harbingers of the Dead in a rotating series of available skirmishes to earn Tokens of Ill Omen, and exchange these tokens for great rewards!

News and Notes:


  • The Burglar's effect Relish Battle now properly displays effects text in its tooltip.
  • The Burglar's effect Bob and Weave now properly displays the amount of healing it will do as well as the timing intervals for those heals in its tooltip.
  • Several Lore-master skills with area of effect benefits, including Nature's Fury, Chill Wind, Wild Fire, and Murder of Crows, are now properly applying to Monster Players near the target of the relevant skill.


  • Ill Omens
    • Tokens of Ill Omens are now bound to account.
    • Ill Omens now includes Doom of Caras Gelebren. In addition, an Ill Omens quest for Doom of Caras Gelebren has been added to Skirmish Assault: Strongholds of the Free Peoples.
    • Two new cosmetic pets are available to barter from Nedda Pinleaf. Nedda also has Conspicuous Portent items for level 136-140 characters.
    • The Ill Omens event wrapper quest "Skirmish - Ill Omens" now grants a Tracery Token, Legendary package in addition to its previous rewards.


  • The Captain's Cardolan Essence of the Gallant now correctly improves Gallant Display while you are specialized in the Hands of the Healing trait line.
  • The Shields of Old Eregion from Doom of Caras Gelebren and the Black Grave Shields from Sarch Vorn will now properly drop for levels 20 - 140 characters instead of just for characters at the level cap.
  • The War-steed skill granting item is now able to be destroyed.


  • Translations have been updated for the "Charming Feline", "Dashing Feline", and "Rakish Feline".
  • Translations have been updated for "Chest" in the Auction House and for the Chest Slot.
  • The German item description for the Virtue Acceleration Tome has been updated.
  • Various typos and mis-spellings have been updated in German.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Delvings
    • Random Crafting boxes have been replaced with a Crafting picker box in Tier 7 and higher delvings.
    • The delving Malice Pestilent Discharge now triggers at any distance and centers on the deceased enemy.
    • An erroneous flag has been removed that caused players not at level cap to be able to interact with, gain, and complete delving quests.
    • An issue has been corrected that would report delving quests as "Completed" after turning the gem over to the delving stone.
  • Sarch Vorn, the Black Grave now drops chests at Tiers 4 and 5 twice per week, up from once per week.
  • Various LOTRO Bonus Days boosts now properly apply to the Doom of Caras Gelebren skirmish.
  • Players can now swift travel from Herne to Rivendell.
  • Players will no longer get stuck in the Steepset while taking slow travel between Gloomingtarn and the Pits of Stonejaws.
  • Several floating structures in the Bree-land Homesteads have been grounded.
  • An erroneously placed hotspot that would teleport players away from the landmark Gond Orchal in the South Downs has been corrected.


  • The 5th Season of the Legendary Items Reward Track begins on February 15th featuring new rewards!