Update 34.1.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 34.1.1, released on Wednesday, December 14th, 2022.

News and Notes:


  • The minimum level to use the Superior Doomfold Athelas Essence has been lowered to 110.
  • The Lore-master tracery "Test of Will Damage & Devastate Multiplier" is now available from the tracery library in Rivendell.
  • The Tome of the Festive Yule Goat Kid is now correctly unbound, and no longer disenchants into Yule Festival tokens.


  • GERMAN: Consolidated translations of Motes and Ember currencies
  • GERMAN: Translations for collecting Phials in the "Clensing the Mirkwood" quest has been updated 
  • GERMAN: Updated text in "The Heavy Hobbit" quest 
  • GERMAN: Updated Tool Tip for the Hunter Redline Skill "Bodkin Arrows"


  • Players can now interact with NPCs and items while Marching. You still need to disable March! to interact with items which have inductions, such as eating food or collecting troll-stone.
  • The “March!” tooltip now correctly states that it increases movement speed by 65%.
  • Mobilise no longer suggests that it only works out of combat.

Quests and Adventure Areas:

  • Before the Shadow
    • Sarch Vorn, the Black Grave
      • This instance is now available up to Tier 2 for players below level 140. 
      • An additional safeguard effect called "Empty Vessel" has been added to prevent unintended behavior that could cause Prince Amondir to attack from a prone position during the Grey Fear encounter.
      • The Grey Fear encounter has been tuned down slightly in Solo and Duo versions, and Gorwen now has a defensive aura to make completing this encounter easier for certain class and spec configurations.
  • Wights will no longer sometimes have their equipment temporarily disappear when using skills.
  • Clegur, Glyn Helyg, and Lintrev now play their intended music tracks.
  • An errant tripwire in the Bridge of Caranost mission no longer allows orcs to respawn on player retreat.
  • A miniature White Hand Uruk-hai no longer spawns at the end of Siege of Sirlond.
  • Towers of Caranost no longer bestow within the Bridge to Caranost mission.
  • Mission quests in Cardolan and Swanfleet now have a three hour timeout if the quest is abandoned by the player.


  • The Delving effects Miasma Tier I and II now cap at five instances.
  • The Delving effects Sauron's Defense Tiers I and II are now no longer randomized and will stack predictably.
  • Fixed an issue where the delving malices “High on Life” I and II were applying multiple times in missions.
  • Some errant captains in the Plague of Men mission are now properly affected by Malice boosts.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause enemies to get stuck in walls when they burst out of other enemies in the highest tiers of Delvings.
  • Delving stones will no longer linger in some missions.
  • A second duplicated delving barterer has been removed from Ruddymore.
  • The Delving Rat spawn as part of the Hydra effect in top tier delvings is no longer docile, and it does not like you.
  • The Orcs infesting Caranost are no longer importing their barriers from other locations. As such they will no longer count toward Deeds they were not intended to count for.
  • Delving malices which create persistent ground effects have been modified slightly, and morale damage they deal initially has been reduced.
  • Cluth of Flies now properly reduces your critical chance, and does not affect finesse.
  • Many delving icons have been updated.

Yuletide Festival

  • Before the Shadow missions now properly advance "A Mission to Bring Good Cheer".
  • Obsolete Blemished Symbols of Celebrimbor no longer drop from the Yule Festival Sack of Presents. These have been replaced with current Legendary Item and crafting rewards.
  • The Festive Yule Goat Kid should now correctly show up in the Pet Collections Panel.
  • Flowing water across the game world now appears as it did prior to Update 34.1.
  • Some incorrect physics has been removed from the Mordor Beseiged landscape.
  • Blurry cliff textures in Gris-shatrolful have been corrected.
  • An impassable border between the Southern Old Forest and Woe of the Willow has been adjusted.

Known Issues:

  • Some tasks in Swanfleet are not properly translated into German.