Players who previously purchased the Mordor, Minas Morgul, and/or War of Three Peaks Collector's Editions, or who received the 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition once-per-account log in gifts prior to a server rollback on Wednesday, April 20th will receive their missing items on Wednesday, April 27th after the worlds reopen following a game update. The character that receives the items will be the first character to log in after our worlds reopen on April 27th. In order to receive a Valar a character must possess the Novice character trait. The Valar will deliver to the first eligible character logged into after our April 27th downtime. The Collector's Edition once-per-account items include: Aria of the Valar Package, Valar Level Boost Package - 120, Improved Expedition Supplies, Small Crafting Carry-all, and Three Peaks Collector's Supplies.