15th Anniversary Soundtrack – The Lord of the Rings Online


Over the past 15 years The Lord of the Rings Online has continued to grow and move beyond the bounds of Eriador all the way to Mordor, along with many places in between. In that time we've made as much music as possible to give each new area a distinct feel and sound. The result has been nearly sixty hours of music to immerse you into inside of Middle-earth!

As Lord of the Rings Online celebrates its 15th Anniversary, now is a great time to release a triple album of music I've written for the game over the past five years. These are some of the tracks that I'm most proud of, encapsulating music from Legacy of the Necromancer (Update 22) through The Yondershire (Update 33); I've also included remakes of two of my earliest Cape of Belfalas tracks that we've never officially released on YouTube. I hope that they bring back fond memories of your time travelling in Middle-earth!

     - Bill Champagne, April 2022


Soundtrack Notes:

This 15th Anniversary Soundtrack has been put together so it can be heard from start to finish or split up across three “discs”, and the mp3s are set up so that people who want to can burn the soundtrack onto 3CDs. 

You can listen to the 15th Anniversary Soundtrack below, and can download it from Archive.org.

We have also created a Video Playlist of the entire 15th Anniversary Soundtrack on YouTube for you to listen to and share. 

We hope you enjoy listening to this 15th Anniversary Soundtrack, as we have had a great time making it. 

     - Cordovan, Community Manager, Standing Stone Games


Special thanks to TeraCMusic for providing violin on "A Feast at Merethrond" and "Revels in the City", as well as vocals on "The Great Wedding" and "The Lines of Eärendil"

Special thanks to Chance Thomas for the "A Journey in the Dark" melody used in "The Fall of Khazad-dûm"


Track Listing: 

The Lord of the Rings Online - 15th Anniversary Soundtrack


1 - A Feast at Merethrond
2 - A Kingdom in Ruin
3 - The Fall of Khazad-dûm
4 - Shelob the Great
5 - The Great Wedding
6 - Valley Nourished by the Great River
7 - The Kingdom of Erebor
8 - Over Yonder
9 - The Wells of Langflood
10 - Wind Among the Foothills

Total Time: 64:46


1 - The Mountain-home
2 - Hammer Sword and Spear
3 - The Angle of Mitheithel
4 - Blood on the Threshold
5 - The Mind of Hrimil Frost-heart
6 - City of the Dead
7 - Flow of the Brandywine
8 - The Cape of Belfalas
9 - The River Arises
10 - The Remnants of Grárik

Total Time: 67:33


1 - Where Dragons Dwell and Kingdoms Fell
2 - Tales of Azanulbizar
3 - The River Anduin
4 - Sweet Dreams in the Yondershire
5 - Horn of Gondor
6 - Lament of the Longbeards
7 - The Lay of Lyndelby
8 - The Lines of Eärendil
9 - As We Watch the Passing Ships
10 - The Brooding Mountains
11 - Life in Laketown
12 - Revels in the City

Total Time: 68:17