Update 40.0.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 40.0.1, released on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024.

News and Notes:

Quests, Deeds, & Adventure Areas:

  • Voice over audio for the Kindred in the last step of the new quest for the Keteph storyline now plays correctly.
  • The quest objective for the final quest in the "Infusion from the North" arc now reads correctly.
  • The newly created craft guild quests that allow you to acquire the Umbar Craft Guild dailies after dropping the profession are now correctly counting toward the weekly guild quests.
  • Umbar-môkh Resource Node tracking is now behaving correctly, with the following additions:
  • Track Mines will now display Abandoned Iridescent Ore nodes on the radar map when available.
  • Track Crops will now display Mushrooms and Caps of Evengleam on the radar map when available.
  • Track Artifacts will now display Umbari Candles on the radar map when available.
  • Wood nodes in the Umbar-môkh will display as old barrels of abandoned planks rather than branches.
  • Monster: Khadimâl (Ghâs Hejai, Dil-irmíz) - now has open tapping enabled.
  • The rare spawns in the Flooded Undercity area of the Catacombs were spawning too frequently. They will now respawn correctly.
  • Forsaken Corsairs in Ilmabiri in the Catacombs of Umbar now count for the slayer deeds "Forsaken-slayer of Ilmabiri" and "Forsaken-slayer of Ilmabiri (Advanced)".

Instances & Skirmishes:

  • The Depths of Mâkhda Khorbo
    • When Umshûra's head rises out of the water, it now correctly counts down for a period of time until it becomes Furious.
    • Furious countdown timers are now visible effects exposed to players under the vitals of Umshûra and Slapping Tentacles.
    • Sturdy Tentacle morale has been reduced by 20%.


  • Instructions to toggle the /move_whimsy and /milestone_whimsy emotes to default are now shown in the Collections Panel.
  • The Collections Panel Stable-master map now shows Umbar-môkh.
  • All Decorative Floor and Wall items introduced in Update 40 are now using the correct textures.

Known Issues:

  • Due to an issue with the new rare Spider spawn, Lightless Matron, she will be deactivated until a future update.
  • The 'Barley Bread' required to advance the quest 'Infusion from the North: The Proper Outer Layer' is obtained from an Apprentice Tier recipe.
  • The Westfold Tier ingredient recipe 'Loaf of Barley Bread' cannot be used to advance this quest.  We will be clarifying the names of these items in a future update.