Update 39.1.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 39.1.1, released on Thursday, March 28th, 2024.

Of Special Note:

Delving Rewards have been updated!

Now that the new raid "The Depths of Makhda Korbo" is available on higher tier difficulty we've updated Delving Rewards! Delvings now offer a greater range of rewards for level 150 characters, including Incomparable Armour and rare crafting ingredients! Delving Barter NPCs have also been updated, and you can now barter for level 150 equipment and other rewards.

News and Notes:

  • Mariners will now be able to complete 'Instance: The Bounty Hunter' in Evendim.
  • Characters who completed 'The Depths of Mâkhda Khorbo -- Tier 1' deed prior to Update 39.1 will now be awarded the title "the Shadow Chaser".
  • The final boss chests in the Umbar Instances and Raid will now have a greater chance to drop a Sea-farer's Flickering Essence Box or Sea-farer's Essence Box.
  • The Streets of Râhal Bakh
    • Players should no longer be able to resist the Ichor effect, which left you immobilized without a way to remove it.
    • The Curse of Range Max Range debuff has been reduced from -20 to -15, which should prevent it from fully locking yellow-line Rune-keepers from using many of their Lightning Skills.
  • The Depths of Mâkhda Khorbo
    • We have changed the accomplishments for tiers of The Depths of Mâkhda Khorbo to require killing each of the bosses, removing the necessity to complete the private encounter in one sitting. This subsequent change also alters the completion of the "Leading the Charge" accomplishments for Tiers 3-5 of the Mâkhda Khorbo.
    • The likelihood of two crushing tentacles spawning during the "Head-up" phase of the Boss 3 fight in the Raid is reduced on tiers 1-3.
    • The time it takes for the next boat to be crushed in the final boss fight has been extended to thirty seconds to allow players more time to recover and deal damage to the kraken's head.
    • Adjustments have been made to the timers on enemies that arrive when boats are destroyed or tentacles take too long to defeat.
    • Tentacles wrapping boats are now disabled when the kraken submerges so that the head cannot be struck while it is underwater.
    • Belondor's Exultation of Battle potency increased.
    • When Belondor or his crew triggers the fight reset on tier 1 there was a condition that required a player to return to the other side of the arena to trigger the drama, this could also cause the fight to get interrupted by the intro drama during the combat. This has been fixed and the crew and Belondor will now spawn in their post drama locations.
    • When the Belondor fight reset on Tier 2 or higher, there was a chance that the crew deaths did not properly transition the phasing leading to bad behavior. This has been fixed.
    • There was a small section of battle encounter room for Belondor's encounter that would sometimes cause a reset of the fight. This has been addressed.
  • Isle of Storms
    • Morale of most enemies has been reduced.
    • Boss 2 Ground Pound damage has been increased.
    • Boss 2 now uses a backhand/spinning slash combination less frequently.
    • Boss 2 Spinning Slash damage can now be mitigated.
    • Boss 3 now uses its area attacks less frequently to allow for longer windows for DPS to attack.
    • Boss 3 now reliably alternates between Tornado and Downdraft and will not use them back to back.
    • Boss 3 self buffs less frequently.
    • Vengeful Mariners can no longer appear with Scion buffs in the 3-man version of the instance.
    • Improved tracking of the Deadly Cyclone against the Roc's main target.
  • Dahâl Huliz, The Arena
    • Heart Seeker Bleed potency has been reduced.
    • Slam now deals less damage and follows a chat callout.
    • Inferno now has a chat callout.
    • Stagger now lasts 3 seconds per tier and tiers down when each tier expires.
    • Nakrov should no longer chain his horn abilities one after the other.
    • Persistent Flame no longer suggests that it is a removable Wound effect on Tiers 1-5. Tiers 6-10 are still tagged as removable Wounds, so you can always actively reduce Persistent Flame to T5.
  • Umbar Instance Equipment Set Bonuses
    • Umbari Armour of Concussion's (Brawler Red) 'DNT' effect is now hidden from players.
    • Umbari Armour of the Unyielding Wall's (Warden Blue) now reduces Desperate Combat cooldown correctly (the cooldown effect was being suppressed until you used up all of your Desperate Combat charges.
    • Umbari Armour of the Protector (Guardian Blue) now causes shield skills to reduce pledge cooldown by 1s at all times, rather than only being active while Pledge is active.
    • Reckless Slam is now listed under Bear form skills, as it is only available in bear form.
    • Umbari Armour of the Destert Sun's (Guardian Yellow) Thrill of Danger buffs now appear correctly on skills and under vitals.
    • Umbari Armour of Umbreakable Steel (Champion Blue) no longer shows an extra/duplicate version of its special effects on Mighty Roar's tooltip.
  • An issue where the winner of the Forester event and all subsequent participants were not completing the quest has been fixed.
  • The 2024 Spring Festival War-steed cosmetics 'Perfect Curl Comparison' and 'Perfect Curl Head-piece' will once again dye properly.
  • Classes
    • Brawler
      • Fist of the Valar now correctly benefits from the crit chance bonus applied by Pummel (from the Armour of Concussion set bonus).
    • Burglar
      • The Mischief-maker specialization now correctly spells out that Startling Twist gains the 'Minor Rent Armour' effect.
      • Minor Rent Armour (Burglars) effect now uses the Startling Twist icon and will not be suppressed by Major Rent Armour.