Update 34.0.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 34.0.1, released on Wednesday, November 30th, 2022. 

Of Special Note:

Sarch Vorn, the Black Grave opens December 1st! 

A new Fellowship scaling instance will soon be available to players who have purchased Before the Shadow called "Sarch Vorn, the Black Grave"! Explore one of the oldest barrows of Tyrn Gorthad and face off against a powerful foe roused by the passage of the Witch-king of Angmar!  

This scaling instance is available to players level 20-140, and can be played Solo, Duo, or in a Fellowship. Once you have discovered its entrance in the hills of Cardolan,  Sarch Vorn will be accessible via the Instance Join panel.  

 "Sarch Vorn, the Black Grave" opens through Tier 3 difficulty at 12:00pm Eastern time (-5 GMT) on Thursday December 1st. The deed, "Sarch Vorn, the Black Grave -- Tier 3 -- Leading the Charge" will be available to complete through 3am server time on Thursday February 16th, 2023. 

News and Notes: 


  • Burglar: Coup de Grace attacks two and three now correctly benefit from positional bonuses.
  • Warden: Seize the Moment once again applies off of ranged Gambits.


  • Instances of Sauron’s Defence removed via corruption removal will no longer reapply to the mob from which it was removed. 


  • A Delving Edelharn Hope Token has been added to the Delving Barterer for Delving Writs. 
  • Bags of Copper, Silver, and Gold Coins from Vault-keeper NPCs can once again be sold to merchants. 
  • You can now acquire Delving Bags of Copper, Silver, and Gold from Delving Quartermasters in order to barter for Delving Gems when you do not have a cracked gem available to exchange.
  • Delving Rewards have been updated! Coal and Rotten Fruit have been removed from Tier 7 through 10 reward lists, and Dye rewards now drop in small stacks. Delving Writs are now awarded via chests rather than through quest completion. The number of Writs received for each Delving is unchanged. 
  • The Sealed Arnorian Entryway housing decoration can no longer be used on interior housing hooks. 
  • Cardolan essences now bind correctly. The original "Small Box of Forgotten Curiosities" is now account-bound, but its contents become Bound to Character when opened.


  • French: Corrected a typo in the Ered Luin map. 
  • German: Text referring to collecting holly berries in “Remedies for the Sickness” now properly displays. 
  • German localization now appears correctly in Instance: Mossward, the Border Village. 
  • German and French: Delving text should now display in French and German.
  • German: The translation of sheep is now correct in Breeland.


  • In an effort to continue bringing a measure of parity to movement across the Ettenmoors, we have further adjusted maps to 60 minute cooldowns. Maps to Gramsfoot and Glan Vraig are now on 5 minute cooldowns.
  • To offset the change to maps, the Monster Player skill March! skill is further adjusted to increases the movement for monster players to 155% while active. Entering combat will negate the effect.
  • Additionally, we have changed the War-leader skill Mobilise. This skill is now usable in or out of combat, has a duration of 10 seconds, a cooldown of 60 seconds, and increases Fellowship movement speed by 20% for the duration. This skill overrides March!
  • Access points to the Ettendeep have been temporarily removed from the game.
  • Missing armour values have been re-added, and Critical, Physical Mitigation, and Tactical Mitigation values for Creepside Blessings has been corrected. Overall, Creeps will have a higher floor value for Mitigation values, and Critical Rating values will be a little higher for all Blessings.
  • Missing Audacity values for Chest-slot Armour pieces have been added.
  • Some trolls in the Ettenmoors were weaker than appropriate and now have their correct health and damage.
  • Soldiers of Lainedhel have received some new equipment, and now have more Morale.
  • The Commendation reward for the Creepside introduction quest has been reduced. Commendation rewards for visiting the five main control points and for killing their commanders has been increased.

Quests and Adventure Areas 

  • Skirmish: Doom of Caras Gelebren - The Raid Quest for Doom of Caras Gelebren has been updated to complete when you defeat Sauron's Champion instead of after talking to Celebrimbor following the Champion's defeat. In addition, it no longer locks you out for the Weekly reset unless you successfully complete the quest. (e.g. Leaving a Skirmish raid before it is completed or disconnecting and starting a new one doesn't count as a "failure".) 
  • Doom of Caras Gelebren - The weekly Raid quest for Doom of Caras Gelebren also now awards 9 Seals, increased from 6. 
  • The quest item dropped in “Before the Shadow Book 1, Chapter 5: Bregoleth” is now automatically acquired instead of needing to be manually looted. 
  • Corrected an issue where Halbarad would fail to appear in Volume III, Book 2, Chapter 8, “As Near As May Be”. 
  • Mission: Dangerous Deliveries now acts more consistently. Hobbits will now be both hungry and visible. 
  • Missions: The Jaws of Death and Dangerous Deliveries have had some stuck spots fixed. 
  • Mission: The Jaws of Death – You can no longer take the southern path in this Mission.  
  • Mission: The Jaws of Death – This Mission now functions correctly regardless of how many times you click on the living victims. 
  • Mission: Haunting of Dol Emil – Corrected an issue that caused the Delving quest to not properly share when entering as a duo at any Tier other then 10. 
  • Mission: A Plague of Men – Destroying food barrels now properly causes them to burn away. 
  • Mission: Biting the Hand – There was an additional Uruk that could sometimes cause inconsistency in the Mission and Delving. The Uruk has been removed. 
  • Mission: Crystal Conundrum - The Mission once again properly advances when you return to the start of the Mission after completing its main objectives.
  • Elderslade - Quest: Delivering War Orders - A Zhélruka soldier now accepts his orders properly.
  • Completing ten Delving Quests in a day will no longer trigger the Task quest reset alert. 
  • Landscape difficulty now properly deactivates in Homestead neighborhoods. 
  • Entering Swanfleet or Cardolan no longer pops up an alert linking to the Fate of Gundabad LOTRO Store offer. 
  • A typo in the accomplishment for completing your first Tier 10 Delving has been corrected. 
  • Delving barter vendors have come out of hiding at Ruddymore and the Stonecrop Encampment. 
  • “Interlude: The Precious, At Last” is once again able to be completed. 
  • The Malice effect “Encroaching Shadow” now includes the light mitigation effect in its tooltip. 
  • Floating bushes in the Stoorvales have been removed. 
  • Miscellaneous floating and buried resource nodes in Swanfleet, Cardolan, and Mordor have been fixed. 
  • Removed erroneous rock terrain in the Breefields Orc Camp and Brafulug. 
  • Travel steeds will no longer get stuck on the top of the stairs when leaving Caranost. 
  • A floating Delving Stone in the Mission: Aberrations of Nature has been grounded. 
  • Cai is no longer floating or stuck in Ruddymore. 
  • Ceri no longer wanders under the bridge in Clegur. 
  • A stuck spot in Ruins of Amon Firn has been fixed. 
  • Certain Barrow Downs rocks now use their correct appearance. 
  • The level requirement for the Housing stablemaster travel route to Mossward is now set to 1. 
  • Herons are no longer attackable. 
  • Distant terrain when looking at Caranost from the South now properly appears. 
  • The door to the Crossway House in Herne is no longer always open. 
  • Various physics, Z-fighting, and other issues have been corrected in Swanfleet and Cardolan.
  • The giant rock in the middle of the road on the Greenway in Breeland has been removed. We will have a way for players to remember this particular bug in the near future. 

Known Issues:

  • Delving Writs are not properly being awarded in Tiers 2 through 10 delving chests. This issue will be corrected as soon as we can.