Update 33 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 33: The Yondershire, released on Wednesday, April 20th, 2022. 

Of Special Note

Celebrate 15 Years of The Lord of the Rings Online!  

This year we are partying in a big way, with all sorts of giveaways, events, and more! The Anniversary Event begins at 10:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT) on April 20th, 2022, and runs until 3:00 AM Eastern on May 11th.

Our Anniversary Event takes place inside The Lord of the Rings Online, starting at the Party Tree, located on The Hill in The Shire (location: 29.9S, 71.5W). When you first log in while the event is active you will also receive a message in Available Quests, which will get you a free map to take you there. Once there, make sure to pick up the wrapper quest “Another Lovely Year” by speaking to Waldo Rumble by the Party Tree!

This year we are debuting a new Festivity Instance called “A Flurry of Fireworks!” Help bring about the greatest fireworks display Bree-land has ever seen! Find “A Flurry of Fireworks” in the Seasonal Instances category of the Instance Finder. The Instance Finder can be opened by pressing Shift+F or by navigating to it in the Main Menu.

This year's Anniversary Event features a ton of new items to barter and earn! Among the new rewards are cosmetic items, a steed, and war-steed cosmetics “of Crystal Resolve”, a new Golden Crystal Beetle cosmetic pet, new fireworks consumables, a new housing fire pit and fireplace, and the debut of a new pet: the Corgi! Corgis can be bartered for Festivity Tokens, Anniversary Tokens, or Mithril Coins. Some Corgis are being helpful and hauling a cart while others are running unburdened. Everyone who logs in during the Anniversary Event will also receive a free Corgi pet.

Make sure to log in between 10:00 AM Eastern on April 20th and 3:00 AM Eastern on May 11th to pick up your “Happy 15th Anniversary” gifts!  

Additionally, we will once again have a 15-Year Giftbox available in-game that can be claimed by logging in between April 20th, 2022 after 10:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT) until 3:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT) on April 1st, 2023.

The Yondershire beckons you! 

Welcome to the northern region known as the Yondershire, a sparsely populated region of moor, thicket, and fen that has long been home to Hobbit recluses and troublemakers. Since the time of Bullroarer Took, the Yondershire has squabbled with the more comfortable parts of the Shire. The upstart Lotho Sackville-Baggins aims to bully the local Hobbits, but they’re none too keen on his designs.

Explore the Yondershire, our first expansion of the Shire in years! Fun Hobbit adventures for characters level 20 to 23. FREE to VIPs and available in the LOTRO Store! 

You can get to Yondershire:

  • West out of Little Delving
  • North-west out of Needlehole through Rushock Gate
  • South-east out of Ered Luin past the Falathlorn Homesteads through the Eastway
  • South-west out of Oatbarton through Bullroarer's Sward

Quest, explore, and craft your way to level 95 to your heart’s content!

With this update, all quests, areas, instances, and expansions released between the original launch of LOTRO back in 2007 and up to – and including! - the release of Helm’s Deep, the High-elf race, and the Rune-Keeper, Warden, and Beorning classes- will be available for free to everyone.

VIP players will have access to the Standard Edition versions of the Mordor Expansion, the Minas Morgul Expansion and the War of Three Peaks.  VIP players now receive 5 additional active quest slots, up to a maximum of 75. As a 15th anniversary special gift, the  benefits of the Subscriber's Jug (VIP Town Services) will last for two weeks instead of one day. 

News and Notes:

We will begin the process of ending support for the 32-bit versions of the game client for The Lord of the Rings Online on May 18th, 2022. The 32-bit clients will continue to be supported until January 1st, 2023. In the meantime, some features may not work fully on the 32-bit clients. We recommend all players change their settings in the game launch to switch to the 64-bit game client. This is done by pressing the down arrow button at the top of the launcher, then selecting Options.


  • Beorning
    • Fixed description of Beorning Greater Swarm Trait. Now correctly indicates that only the DoT component becomes AoE.
    • The bonus damage from Execute's rage consumption is now a base multiplier rather than a mastery multiplier, and is much more potent.
  • Brawler
    • General skill damage bumped, in many cases quite substantially.
    • Removed text from the Brawler's Mettle tooltip that described functionality it doesn't have.
    • Updated icon for Brawler trait 'Fulgurant Strike Cooldown' to match its skill icon.
    • 'Gut Punch' now correctly states that it reduces the target's outgoing damage by 5%.
    • 'Share Innate Power' skill unlock will not time out if not used within 15s of achieving max buff tier. Should now last as long as the buff itself is maintained.
    • 'One For All' was only granting 1% mitigation bonus per nearby ally, it now correctly grants 2% per (max 10%).
    • 'Fist of the Valar' base damage reduced, but its pip mod increased to +15%/pip, and is now a Base damage multiplier (much more potent).
    • 'Pummel's' duration has been reduced [5s->3s], but it now pulses faster [1s->0.5s]. Damage rebalanced for faster duration.
    • Fixed multiple bugs with innate strength buff timing and shared innate strength application.
    • Innate strength personal buffs increased duration [15->20s].
    • The skill 'Iron Will' no longer consumes any mettle when used.
    • The effect from 'Iron Will' now correctly matches its skill tooltip. This skill's effect was incorrectly reducing incoming damage more than the skill tooltip stated.
    • if cast while you had 4-9 mettle. This has been resolved, and only reduces damage by 2% per mettle.
  • Burglar
    • The Gambler trait 'Swift and Subtle' now correctly increases the potency of the heal from Bob and Weave.
  • Captain
    • Fixed bug that the Captain's 'Hiddenhoard' yellow-set bonus was erroneously applying to the skill even if the set was not equipped.
    • 'Standard of Honour' now scales properly with weapon damage at trait ranks 1-4. It also now gains the listed healing bonus from its trait.
  • Champion
    • 'Blade Wall' base damage reduced ~25%.  
    • Trait "Strong Armed Swings" now correctly applies to all Strike skill hits.
    • This trait was erroneously applying a buff to off-hand hits made by AoE champion skills, which only occurred if dual-wielding. This has been fixed.
    • This trait was only applying to second and third hits from strike skills, despite suggesting otherwise. It will now correctly apply to the first hit as well.
  • Guardian
    • Fixed 'Catch a Breath' set bonus to work properly with tracery (or other) buffs.
  • Hunter
    • Fixed 'Swift Mercy' trait not correctly reducing the focus cost of 'Merciful Shot' with 'Swift Bow' shots.
  • Lore-master
    • Lore-masters now advance their level 1-50 damage and healing progressions in line with the Minstrel & Rune-keeper progressions.
    • Damage of Red Line skills and effects in general has been improved.
    • 'Sic'em' retired and 'Gust of Wind', 'Burning Embers', and 'Sticky Gourd' reworked due to attempt to reduce or eliminate severe performance issues they were causing.
    • 'Sticky Gourd' effects are now applied as an immediate AoE that applies its own DoT/Debuff directly to targets, rather than a hotspot. It can also apply tier 1 Burning Embers when improved. The effects themselves now have a 20s duration. 
    • 'Improved Sticky Gourd' now immediately applies one copy of Improved Burning Embers, but does not continue to apply them thereafter. The hotspot version of burning embers wasn't getting some of the Lore-master's stats, such as crit chance, and would overwrite those cast normally, significantly limiting their damage. This version only applies once, but should work properly.
    • 'Fierce Lightning' can now be applied by any Lore-master lightning skill. It now directly applies its fire DoT to targets, rather than setting the ground on fire.
    • 'Fierce Lightning's' pulse rate reduced to every 2 seconds, but damage increased. Duration unchanged.  This effect can stack up to 2x per caster.
    • 'Sic'em' replaced with 'A Murder of Crows'. This skill summons a cloud of crows around the target for 15s, with a 2m CD. While they persist the crows inflict enormous damage and disorient their victim, reducing hit chance and increasing the damage of other attacks made against the target. Enemies within 7m of the main target also take constant morale damage from the cloud of circling crows, but are not debuffed.
    • 'Burning Embers' is now a single effect with 4 tiers (smouldering->burning->searing->blazing).
      • Successive casts of 'Burning Embers' will upgrade the DoT.
      • Each caster may have one copy of it on a given target.
      • All other variants (crossfire, sticky version etc.) are gone.
      • Each tier now has its own variations in visual FX and icon.
      • Damage of the single instance of 'Burning Embers' has increased greatly.
    • When Lighting skills trigger 'Burst of Flame' on a target 'Burning Embers' is only downgraded one tier rather than being consumed, unless it was tier 1, in which case it is removed.
    • 'Gust of Wind' can now only spread burning embers from its main target to others in the AoE- it no longer tries to spread from every target, to every target - this was a big performance issue. 'Gust of Wind' can also upgrade embers one stage on any targets it hits, and the chance of spreading/upgrading has been increased.
    • Resolved issues with the interaction between 'Kindred Flame' and the 'Hiddenhoard' set bonus. 
  • Minstrel
    • Base skill damage increased for most skills.
    • 'Song of the Hammerhand' base bubble value reduced [80%->35%]. 
    • 'Enduring Morale' now scales properly with level. At its third tier 'Enduring Morale' grants 'Call of the Second Age', a 2s stun effect that increases to 3s by tier 5. To help counter some of the loss of survivability, we've fixed scaling on this morale trait, and added a new CC source for the Minstrel for when they over pull.
    • Fixed racial animation discrepancy for 'Call of the Second Age'.
    • 'Call to the Second Age' animation has been adjusted and can now be affected by speed multipliers. The skill will also blend with locomotion animation.
    • Traits 'Inspiring Finish' and 'Emboldened Finish' now each scale to a 100% application chance at max tier (25%->50%->100%) was (10%->20%->30%). 
    • Base damage of 'Echoes of Battle' increased by ~50%.
    • 'Echoes of Battle' damage bonuses from 'Cacophonous Timeless Echoes' (red trait) and 'Weakening Echoes of Battle' (yellow trait) have been swapped.
    • 'Echoes' tick rate sped up from 5s-3s (this should offset the damage per tick, but not the actual DPS).
    • 'Finesse' trait becomes 'Song of Arda', which grants up to +25% light damage.
    • 'Piercing Ballads' trait now includes the Finesse buff that 'Song of Arda' replaced.
    • 'Concentration' trait changed to a -10% attack speed passive.
    • 'Coda of Fury' cry reset chance increased [30->50%] chance.
    • 'Emboldening Finish' damage bonus improved [15->25%]. 
    • 'Bracing Finish' damage bonus increased [7.5->15%].
    • 'Coda Finishing' buffs extended [10->12s].
    • 'Echoes of Battle' base damage increased substantially. Tweaked 'Echoes of Battle' to tick faster (3s) and to allow partial ticks, as playing ballads frequently causes it to reset, interrupting its ticks.  (This is a partial fix for a known issue where changes to tactical damage bonuses will cause 'Echoes of Battle' toggle to refresh, interrupting its pulse timer and substantially reducing its damage potential.)
  • Warden
    • Determination skill 'For the Free Peoples' buff now reduces incoming damage by 2.5% per stack, up to a maximum of -25% incoming damage.


  • Brawler Zircon Belt Buckles will have enhanced stats when they are crafted with a critical success.
  • The crafted headpieces for the Beorning Abyss armour sets now correctly count towards their set bonuses.
  • T9 Cook reputation trail food recipes will now display their names correctly when multiples of the recipes are stacked.
  • Fixed extraction recipe for Bit of Pure Anórien Ore, so you can no longer use a Bit of Pure Anórien Ore or Universal Optional Crafting Ingredient to boost crit chance of extraction.
  • The master jeweler "Beryl Belt Buckle Recipe" icon and description now correctly identify the recipe as being part of the master tier.


  • New and Changed Word of Craft Set bonuses:

    • Perfect Accuracy renamed to Heroic Alacrity and now provides a set bonus of -3% Attack Speed.

    • Perfect Precision renamed to Heroic Precision and now provides a set bonus of +3% Crit Chance.

    • Grand Armour now provides a set bonus of +1.5% physical mitigation.

    • Grand Willpower now provides a set bonus of +1.5% tactical mitigation.

    • Perfect Healing now provides a set bonus of +3% outgoing healing.

    • Perfect Recovery now provides a set bonus of +3% Incoming Healing.

  • New Beorning Traceries:

    • Counter Dodge & Counterattack Damage (+5% dodge, +50% dmg)

    • Shake Free Cooldown (-10s)

    • Slash Damage (+35%)

    • Thrash Damage (+35%)

    • Nature's Mend Healing (+20%)

    • Encouraging Roar Instant Heal (+15%)

  • The following Beorning Traceries have been updated:

    • Slam Bonus Wrath Chance tracery now also adds damage to that skill (+25%).

    • Bonus DoT Pulse tracery now also extends the Swarm debuffs by a similar duration so they match.

  • One specific effect change to complement the tracery changes:

    • Crippling Stings base duration extended [8->12s] to match the other swarm debuffs, but its base slow magnitude was reduced [-30%->-15%]. Now maxes at [-50% -> -35%].

  • Fixed stat scaling on several Captain standards. In particular, Anórien standards were providing too much morale, and have been corrected down to what they should be. Gundabad-tier standards were providing morale that didn't scale properly, and now provide the correct amount of Vitality instead. Captains using Gundabad-tier standards should see their maximum morale increase slightly as a result of this fix.
  • All Relic of Gundabad items now correctly state that they are only sought after by the Zhélruka, and cannot be used to advance other allegiances.
  • Symbols of Celebrimbor and Symbols of the Elder King should not have been disenchantable for Ancient Script. The 'Blemished' level 100 versions of these items can no longer be disenchanted. They may still be used to craft obsolete legendary items for their cosmetics.
  • Shimmering Dust and Monstrous Scale item descriptions incorrectly stated that they could be turned in for tasks. Their descriptions now correctly state that they can only be sold to vendors.
  • Akúlhun's Brand of the Tyrant and Lainedhal's Insignia of the Captain-General now correctly apply immunity to slow, disarm, and silence effects for 5 seconds, rather than 10 seconds.
  • The size of the housing decoration item 'Hrímil Frost-heart in Effigy' has been appropriately increased.
  • Some of our fan bundles granted LI2 tokens that could not be bartered properly at Rivendell.
    • The broken tokens' description has been updated to reflect their status and let owners know where to trade them in. 
    • Existing 'bad' tokens from already opened packages can be bartered at the Rivendell Archive for packages with working tokens.
    • These now grant packages that will give character bound tokens that will work correctly. These tokens will scale to the level of the character opening the sub-package.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The Angle of Mitheithel will now act the same as other regions do regarding Event-based and Festival-based effects/bonuses.
  • The deed 'Quests of Azanulbizar' was only awarding a single package of "Enhancement Runes, Incomparable" instead of two. Beginning with Update 33, this deed will instead award 2x "Enhancement Rune, Lvl 121". Players who have already completed the deed will be retroactively granted these Enhancement Runes upon logging after Update 33 goes live. Thank you for your patience on this matter.
  • Fate of Gundabad
    • Pit of Stonejaws - Dwarf-wights that appear during Tombs of the Old Lords will no longer spawn inside their sarcophagi and have updated entrance animations.
    • Welkin-lofts - Instance: The Tipping Point - Corrected an issue where Gorgar's Orcs were sometimes not appearing at the conclusion of the instance.
  • The Hiddenhoard of Abnankâra
    • Brittle Chains and Hobgoblin Totems can no longer become Scions on Tier 4+.
    • Dushtalbúk's 'Absolute Clarity' now tiers up every 7 seconds on Tier 4+, up from 5 seconds.
    • Monster stat mods have been adjusted slightly downward for Tier 4. Health is now multiplied by 3.5, down from 3.75. Damage is now multiplied by 3.25, down from 3.5.
  • Mordor
    • Gorgoroth - Continue the Conquest: If you have completed the Deed: Tales of Gorgoroth and are at least Level 115, but did not receive this quest, you can now obtain the quest by travelling to any of the Mordor Allegiance Halls, the Udun Foothold, the Ruins of Dingarth, or Magh Ashtu in Gorgoroth.
    • Black Book of Mordor Chapter 13.8 'Guardians of the Tower' will now have billboards that update with each monster kill.
  • A variety of Doomfold, Ironfold, Minas Ithil, and Gundabad Draughts and Salves have been added to appropriate Healer and Tavern Keep vendor NPCs.
  • The Coldfells vendor has been updated with new Poison, Disease, Fear, and Wound potions as well as new rations.
  • The exit portal for Mission: Clearing a Path is now clearly marked with the customary visual FX. This should reduce the frequency of players going "Hmm I wonder what's back here?" and accidentally leaving the mission.
  • The Zhelruka Clan - Quests for the Zhelruka Clan that allow use of Mithril Coins to swiftly travel to certain Objectives now properly place the player at the proper location instead of outside the Hall of Vérnozal.
  • Urugarth - Deed: The Orcs of Urugarth - This Deed and its 'Advanced' variant now advance from defeating Goblins in Urugarth. If you previously had either of these Deeds underway but not completed, their progress will be reset at the time of this Update. However, they will be much quicker to complete. If you have previously completed these Deeds, you will see no change.
  • Adjusted a Hungry Hobbit patrol in Little Delving.
  • One of the drakeling eggs in Kordh Gurat needed for the Deepscrave quest "Drake's Cradle" is now reachable.
  • Bee's Big Business: Challenge: Flower Power - Players can now complete the Small Fellowship and Fellowship versions of this quest on Legendary Servers.
  • Bee's Big Business: Challenge: Bee's Big Business - Players can now complete the Small Fellowship and Fellowship versions of this Deed on Legendary Servers.
  • Deed Vanguard of Central Gondor now rewards players with a Cracked Rohirrim Tracery rather than an obsolete Blemished Symbol of the Elder King.
  • Missions: Bonus Legendary Item Boosts will now award players with an incomparable tracery, rather than heritage runes which are unusable by any players below level 115.
  • Removed obsolete travel route from Hrimbarg.
  • Dug out hobbit hole in Breeland that was sunk too deeply.
  • Added Mailboxes to Belfalas and Eastfold Housing Social Spaces.
  • Adjusted placement of Forsting.


  • The word Gundabad has been removed from the Legendary Items Reward Track panel title.
  • For the remaining 2022 Festivals, the dyes that were bartered for Mithril Coins last year can be acquired for the appropriate festival tokens this year, while the dyes available for festival tokens last year are now available for Mithril barter.
  • Fixed typos in Great River, Gondor, Mordor, Rohan, Vales of Anduin, Evendim, Warden Class quests, Bingo quests, food items, Urugarth, Weathertop, Wildwood, Great River, and Big Battles.
  • LUA: Fixed an issue where using the "Subscriber Town Services" would not clear LUA bank data between character logins.
  • The Subscriber Buffs and Town Services item granted by the VIP Rewards daily quest will now last for two weeks.
  • The "Valar 130 trait points - Minstrel" item will, going forward, now give the correct amount of class trait points, and stack with previous Valar level boost 120 use.
  • When using the Flame of Ancalamír, the confirmation dialog now correctly states that it will deconstruct the entire stack of target items at once.
  • Yondershire: Corrects mistranslation of "Huge Wings" During the Thorin's Hall Quest Log.
  • Forge-masters will no longer offer to tell you about imbuement.
  • The spear's innate bleed "Spear-pierce" now correctly scales with item level.
  • Future world shutdown messaging should be more visible.
  • The launcher will now ask you to switch to the 64-bit game client if you are still using a 32-bit one.
  • Updated several typos and mistranslations in the French and German, including in titles, quests, and maps.
  • Updated localization for a number of strings in the launcher, making the text clearer for indicating and selecting which game client being used.