Update 33.0.5 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 33.0.5, released on Wednesday, May 25th, 2022. 

News and Notes


  • Rune-keeper - Rune-Sign of Winter's range will now be increased by the Word of Power: Ranged Healing Extension tracery.


  • New Non-Legendary Item Bridles are now available with stats scaled appropriately across level bands pertinent to Mounted Combat content.

    • These new bridles can be acquired by bartering with the Eastemnet Miscellany Quartermaster found in various Rohan hubs.

    • "The Tourney Field: Mounted Combat Tutorial" quest rewards now allow selection from the new bridles that are not Legendary Items, instead of the old legendary item bridles.

  • Small Reputation Accelerator Tomes have been removed from the Skirmish camp curiosities vendors. They can still be obtained from weekly Missions in the "Missions: Bonus Character Boosts" package.
  • The Lore-master "Essence of the Beast" now correctly states that it reduces the cooldown of 'A Murder of Crows' by 5 seconds when it procs.

  • Fireflies in the "Purple Firefly Lantern" housing item are now more visible through the glass.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Iolo Brochtû in Maur Tulhau is no longer blocked behind an invisible wall, allowing the quest "Bingo Boffin: Full Course, of Course!", and other quests involving this NPC, to advance.
  • The Midsummer Festival quest "A Fondness for Festivity (Intro)" will now bestow properly, regardless of prior festival participation.


  • The presentation of rewards in the Legendary Items Reward Track has been modified for readability, and new large icons have been added for most rewards.
  • The in-game LOTRO Store browser has been updated for improved usability and performance.


  • Fixed an issue with the user preferences that was preventing many people from launching the 64-bit game client. The 32-bit and 64-bit game client will now share a single UserPreferences.ini file.