Here is the current events schedule. Please note that events and their start and stop times can change. ALL TIMES EASTERN. Click here for a time zone conversion tool from

Event: Start Time/Date (Eastern) End Time/Date (Eastern)
25% skirmish mark 1/4/2024@10am 1/8@3am
Ill Omens Skirmish event 1/11@10am 2/1@3am
Forester Crafting Event 1/15@10am 1/25@3am
+25% Lootbox Embers and Motes Bonus 1/18@10am 1/22@3am
25% Skirmish Marks 1/25@10am 1/29@3am
Hobnanigans 2/1@10am 2/5@3am
+25% Crafting XP 2/8@10am 2/12@3am
Forester Crafting Event 2/13@10am 2/23@3am
Legendary Item Reward Track Season 9 Begins 2/14@10:00am 5/15/24@9:59am
Legendary Item iLevel cap increase to 520 with Update 39  
VIP Daily Gold Hobbit Gifts 2/22/24 3/5/24@3am
+10% Virtue XP 2/22@10am 3/4@3am
Curator Returns 2/29@10am 3/11@3am
VIP Event Boost 3/7@10am 3/11@3am
Spring Festival 3/13@10am 4/9@3am
Forester Crafting Event 3/13@10am 3/23@3am
+25% Skirmish Marks 3/14@10am 3/18@3am
Myrtle Mint Arrives Approximately 3/20 approximately 7/16
+25% XP Boost 3/21@10am 3/25@3am
April Fool's Chicken Run 3/31@10am 4/3@3am
Hobnanigans 4/4@10am 4/8@3am
Buried Treasure Event 4/4@10am 4/10@3am
+10% Lootbox Embers and Motes Bonus 4/11@10am 4/15@3am
Tier 4 Depths of Mâkhda Khorbo begins 4/11@12pm  
Anniversary (17 Years!) 4/18@10am 5/6@3am
17-Year Anniversary Gift 4/18@10am 4/1/25@3am
VIP Event Boost 4/22@10am 4/29@3am
Tier 5 Depths of Mâkhda Khorbo begins 4/25@12pm  
+20% Virtue XP Boost 5/2@10am 5/6@3am
+25% Crafting XP 5/9@10am 5/13@3am
Virtue Tier Increase 90 to 92 Approximately 5/14  
Legendary Item Reward Track Season 10 Begins 5/15@10:00am 8/14/24@9:59am
+10% Virtue XP Boost 5/23@10am 5/28@3am
Treebeard Cap Raised to 100 w/Gondor/Old Anorien 5/29  
Hobnanigans 5/30@10am 6/3@3am
Midsummer Festival 6/6@10am 6/26@3am
+25% XP Boost 6/6@10am 6/10@3am
Forester Crafting Event 6/13@10am 6/23@3am
+25% Skirmish Marks 6/27@10am 7/1@3am
Curator Returns 7/2@10am 7/12@3am
+25% Lootbox Embers and Motes Bonus 7/3@10am 7/8@3am
+25% Crafting XP 7/11@10am 7/15@3am
Forester Crafting Event 7/15@10am 7/25@3am
Filbert Fig Arrives Approximately 7/16 Approximately 11/13
VIP Event Boost 7/18@10am 7/22@3am
+10% Virtue XP Boost 7/25@10am 7/29@3am
Hobnanigans 8/1@10am 8/5@3am
+10% Lootbox Embers and Motes Boost 8/8@10am 8/12@3am
Forester Crafting Event 8/13@10am 8/23@3am
Legendary Item Reward Track Season 11 Begins 8/14@10am 11/13@9:59am
Farmer's Faire 8/15@10am 9/4@3am
+25% Crafting XP 8/22@10am 8/26@3am
+25% Skirmish Marks 8/29@10am 9/3@3am
Treasure Bugan Event 9/12@10am 9/18@3am
Forester Crafting Event 9/13@10am 9/23@3am
Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner 9/16@10am 9/23@3am
Baggins' Birthday 9/20@10am 9/26@3am
+25% XP Boost 9/26@10am 9/30@3am
Hobnanigans 10/3@10am 10/7@3am
Harvestmath Festival 10/10@10am 11/4@3am
+10% Virtue XP Boost 10/10@10am 10/14@3am
Forester Crafting Event 10/14@10am 10/24@3am
Legendary Item iLevel cap increase to 525 with associated release  
Virtue Tier Increase 92-94 with associated release  
Durin's Day Event 10/17@10am 10/22@3am
+25% Crafting XP 10/24@10am 10/28@3am
+25% Skirmish Marks 10/30@10am 11/4@3am
Buried Treasure Event 11/7@10am 11/13@3am
Legendary Item Reward Track Season 12 Begins 11/13@10am 2/12/25@9:59am
Rowan Raspberry Arrives Approximately 11/13  
Forester Crafting Event 11/13@10am 11/23@3am
+25% XP Boost 11/21@10am 11/25@3am
+25% Lootbox Embers and Motes Bonus 11/27@10am 12/2@3am
Treebeard Cap raised to 105 w/Far Anorien/Wastes 12/4  
Hobnanigans 12/5@10am 12/9@3am
Yuletide Festival 12/12@10am 1/6/25@3am
+25% Skirmish Marks 12/12@10am 12/16@3am
Forester Crafting Event 12/13@10am 12/23@3am
+25% Crafting XP 12/19@10am 12/23@3am
Curator Returns 12/19@10am 12/30@3am
VIP Event Boost 12/24@10am 12/30@3am
+20% Virtue XP Boost 12/31@10am 1/6@3am