Adventurer's and Traveller's Steel-bound lootboxes contain new "Harmonious" cosmetic items including avatar cosmetics, a steed, and matching war-steed appearances, a falcon cosmetic pet, plus new housing items including a falcon perch, miniature tree, miniature tree in winter, and planter in spring!

These items are also available on Rowan Raspberry for Figments of Splendour!

ALSO: Adventurer's and Traveller's Steel-bound lootboxes now contain a Sea-side Sand-lurker cosmetic pet and three macaque-themed housing items! These items are not available to barter with Rowan.

Full list:

Added to lootboxes and also available from Rowan Raspberry:

  • Harmonious Miniature Tree
  • Harmonious Planter in Spring
  • Harmonious Miniature Tree in Winter
  • Harmonious Falcon Perch
  • Tome of the Harmonious Falcon
  • Harmonious Steed
  • Harmonious War-steed
  • Hooded Harmonious Cloak
  • Harmonious Cloak
  • Harmonious Boots
  • Harmonious Gloves
  • Harmonious Hood
  • Harmonious Mantle
  • Harmonious Robe

Available only in lootboxes: 

  • Macaque Rock
  • Tall Macaque Palm
  • Macaque Palm
  • Tome of the Sea-side Sand-lurker

Additionally, some older avatar cosmetics and steeds have been moved off of Rowan Raspberry and onto the Curator:

  • Bright Company War-steed
  • Steed of the Bright Company
  • War-steed of the Wild Hills
  • Steed of the Wild Hills
  • Pig Pen
  • Beech Tree
  • Barrel of Wild Clover
  • Badger House
  • Carved Bear Bust
  • Cloak of Bright Company
  • Breastplate of Bright Company
  • Pauldrons of Bright Company
  • Boots of Bright Company
  • Dress of the Twilight Caretaker
  • Cloak of the Sunset Hills
  • Hooded Cloak of the Sunset Hills
  • Boots of the Sunset Hills
  • Gloves of the Sunset Hills
  • Helm of the Sunset Hills
  • Mantle of the Sunset Hills
  • Jacket of the Sunset Hills
  • Cloak of the Wild Hills
  • Hooded Cloak of the Wild Hills
  • Boots of the Wild Hills
  • Gloves of the Wild Hills
  • Helm of the Wild Hills
  • Mantle of the Wild Hills
  • Jacket of the Wild Hills