Update 37 sees the release the first of what will become a suite of profession-based crafting events made available to all players over the course of several updates!

This inaugural event takes place in the sleepy town of Combe at the Lumberyard overseen by Mason Thorne and Old Bauman. The two elder forester’s children have an enterprising idea they wish to offer to the denizens of Bree. A contest of forestry!

Foresters from all over have the chance to test their skill against one another in feats of might – hewing wood and carrying cabers – feats of agility – skinning beasts and curing hides – and feats of determined will and a strong stomach – a game of carry the caber after imbibing a local brew!

But why?

For the fun! For the Glory! For the Prizes!

Every contestant participating in the event wins ribbons that are exchanged with Old Bauman for a bevy of splendid rewards that breed marvelous mayhem!

Want to show off your strength, then carry that caber about town? Care to impress the locals with your spiffy new threads? That too can be obtained.
There are more than 50 new rewards available from this event alone, and while that might seem a daunting task, know this! Every participant is a winner. Though there is only one winner in each contest, all participants receive recognition for their efforts with either participation ribbons, runner-up ribbons, or winner ribbons that are exchanged with Old Bauman for rewards. Then, as more of these profession events are added, the ribbons can be used to acquire those rewards as well! Some restrictions apply, such as actually knowing the profession that the event highlights.

Is that all?

No, that’s not all!

There are new forester tools in this event that showcase an upcoming improvement to our crafting system that will debut in the upcoming expansion in Update 38. This new tool can be modified to enhance it both visually and with effects. Maximizing everything that this new forester axe can do will not be quick, but will be rewarding.

There are cosmetic outfits, cosmetic emotes, cosmetic skills, a modifiable Forester’s Axe that you can apply cosmetic appearances to, titles, traits, recipes, and a new item that is going to be used in the future of crafting that we are going to be talking about more very soon!

This sounds great! When can I play it?

You can participate in the event daily or as often as you like with the use of Mithril Coins. Once the event is closed it remains unavailable for about 2 weeks, then returns for 10 days, and continues with that cadence for the immediate future.