Corsairs of Umbar: Frequently Asked Questions 

Corsairs of Umbar is the latest expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online! Unfurl the sails and brace yourself for the intoxicating rush of adventure as you approach the enigmatic shores of Umbar! You can get full information about Corsairs of Umbar and pre-purchase the expansion in the LOTRO Market! 

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about (Corsairs of Umbar): 

Can I purchase the expansion with LOTRO Points? 

The base edition of Corsairs of Umbar (includes the new regions, Missions, & Instances only) will be available for 2,995 LOTRO Points in May of 2024. 

The Mariner class will be available in the LOTRO Store for 1,000 LOTRO Points starting in May of 2024. 

How do I add the Expansion to my existing LOTRO account? 

After your purchase, your account will automatically be updated based on the edition you have purchased. If you are logged into the game at the time of your purchase, you may need to log out of the game and back in before the changes take effect on your account. 

When and how do I get my expansion bonus items? 

Most cosmetics, titles, and other bonus items are delivered to every character, while the Expedition Supplies deliver to the first server and character that you log into the game with after your purchase. Your character must have the Novice trait to receive Expedition Supplies and other once per account items. You may need to log out of the game and back in before the changes take effect on your account. 

The following items will be delivered to every character on your account: 

  • Housing Teleport Item (when Corsairs of Umbar is released) 
  • Titles 
  • Frames
  • Monster Play Appearances (Creep characters only)
  • Corsairs of Umbar Ultimate Fan Bundle – Bonus Items:
  • Tide-breaker's Raiment (cosmetic set)
  • Tide-breaker's Steed
  • Cosmetic Pet: Parrot
  • Tide-breaker's Weapon Aura
  • Emote: Swashbuckle
  • Corsairs of Umbar Collector’s Edition – Bonus Items:
  • Fleet Merchant’s Armour (cosmetic set)
  • Fleet Merchant’s Steed
  • Cosmetic Pet: Fennec Fox
  • Fleet Merchant’s Earring 

The following items will be delivered once, to the first character you log into following your purchase. Make sure to acquire these items on your intended server! 

  • Ultimate Expedition Supplies:
  • 15,000 Virtue XP
  • Virtue XP Accelerators x4
  • Ultimate Carry-all Selection Box (choice of any current Large Carry-all)
  • Improved Expedition Supplies:
  • Reputation Acceleration Tome x5
  • 100% XP Boosts x5
  • Virtue XP Accelerator x1
  • Rare Crafting Component x5 Selection Box 

The following items will be delivered with your pre-purchase immediately: 

  • Mariner Class 
  • Cosmetics
  • Monster Skins
  • Expedition Supplies
  • Valar
  • Extra Character Slot 

The following items will be delivered when Corsairs of Umbar is released: 

  • Housing Teleport item 
  • Corsairs of Umbar gameplay content. 

Each edition of Corsairs of Umbar has its own Expedition Supplies Box, so purchasers of the Collector’s Edition will receive the Improved Expedition Supplies Box, and purchasers of the Ultimate Edition will receive both an Improved Expedition Supplies Box and an Ultimate Expedition Supplies Box. The Ultimate Edition Supplies Box will include the Expedition Supplies items not included in the Collector’s Edition. 

Once-per-account deliveries, such as expansion pack Expedition Supplies and Supporter Pack Starter items, now require a character to have the Novice trait before delivery to help prevent accidental loss of these items due to character deletion.

Bonus items are delivered to players through items located in their inventories. Ultimate Edition purchasers will receive both the Collector’s and Ultimate Edition items, while Collector’s Edition purchasers will receive Collector’s Edition items. 

If I don't pre-purchase the expansion, can I still buy the expansion bonus items at a later time? 

At this time, the Standard Edition, Collector’s Edition, and Ultimate Fan Bundle will remain available after the launch of the Corsairs of Umbar expansion. 

While the expansions will still be available in the LOTRO Market, please note that you will be unable to purchase the bundled cosmetic items through the LOTRO Store for points. 

I pre-purchased the expansion, but I didn't get a Product Key. Where is it? 

You no longer need a product key after you purchase. Your account is automatically updated via the LOTRO Market. If you were logged into the game at the time that you made your purchase, you may need to log out and then back into the game before the changes will take effect on your account. 

Will all the Corsairs of Umbar content be released at the same time? 

In the event of delay, you will receive the initial expansion content and items no later than December 1st 2023, and the instance and raid content no later than the end of March 2024.  

Can I see what the cosmetic items look like? 

Do VIPs get a discount on Corsairs of Umbar? 

We are not offering a discount for VIPs for Corsairs of Umbar.

When can I play the Mariner?

The Mariner class is available immediately with your purchase of Corsairs of Umbar.