The Legendary Items Reward Track Has Arrived! 

The Legendary Items Reward Track is now available to all players starting at level 45! This track can be accessed through the Menu (Character → Reward Track). As you play the game and collect Item XP it'll progress the track throughout the season, and if you get all the way to the end there is a repeatable goal for more rewards! We'll refresh the track every season, and the frequency, drop rate, and kind of rewards will change over time. The Legendary Items Reward Track is Account-based, so all of your characters on each world will contribute to the Rewards track for that world, and you can select the rewards on whatever character on that world you prefer.  

All of your characters that earn IXP will contribute to the Reward Track, and IXP is awarded in a way that players at all levels contribute equivalent progress to the track. The Legendary Items Reward Track is focused on your Legendary Items and currently includes rewards such as Enhancement Runes, Sealed Tracery boxes, Embers of Enchantment, Tracery Token boxes, Ancient Script, and more! The Legendary Items Reward Track has 101 levels, with 100 levels to achieve and then a 101st level that repeats until the following season's release. 

Since many players have quite a few IXP runes heading into Update 32, we expect this first season’s progress to happen more quickly than in future seasons. Remember that you can Alt+right click to use as many of the stack of runes at one time as you wish. Players can expect to receive Item XP from Quest Rewards and defeating enemies that are within an appropriate level range for them. 

The Legendary Item Reward Track scales based on the level of the character applying the IXP, and IXP runes have minimum levels. This means that a minimum level 45 IXP rune will provide more relative progress along the Reward Track when consumed by a level 45 character than it does when consumed by a level 140 character.

We hope you have fun with the new Legendary Items Reward Track!