The Treasure Bugan Event Guide 

The Treasure Bugan Event is a challenge that takes place periodically in-game where you find and defeat special Treasure Bugans in many scaling Instances to reclaim their stolen treasure before they flee! Defeating Treasure Bugans awards you Coins of the Bugan that you can turn into the NPC Theodore Gorse for numerous rewards. Finding and defeating Treasure Bugans also completes quests that award Virtue XP, crafting materials, Incomparable Enhancement Runes, Sealed Traceries, and more! 

When you encounter a Treasure Bugan in a scaled Instance you will have one minute to defeat the Bugan before it escapes! There is a chance for Treasure Bugans to appear in many Instances, and you can speak to the NPC Theodore Gorse inside of these instances to learn more about the event and barter for rewards. Gorse is also located in Bree outside of Bree Town Hall (31.2S, 51.5W), Rivendell near Elrond's Stables (29.2S, 6.7W), and in the Twenty-First Hall near the Stable-Master (5.7S, 105.3W). 

The scaled Instance needs to be at your character level or above in order for a defeated Bugan to drop its treasure when defeated. Your character must be at least level 20 in order to run the Treasure Bugan Event.  

When you first log into a game world on a character that is at least level 20, a new quest will appear in the Quest Actions Available UI for the next five minutes. If you miss your chance you can log out and then back in for the quest to re-appear in the UI. The name of the quest is “The Treasure Bugan Event Is Here!” and completing the quest will award you your first Coin of the Bugan! The list of scaling Instances where Treasure Bugans can appear is listed in the quest description in your Quest Log. 

Here are the names and descriptions of the quests associated with the Treasure Bugan event:  

  • The Treasure Bugan - The quest “The Treasure Bugan” is bestowed whenever a Treasure Bugan appears in your Instance, and the quest can only be completed once every five minutes. 
  • Seeking the Treasure Bugans! - This quest is automatically bestowed when you acquire “The Treasure Bugan” for the first time and is completed by completing “The Treasure Bugan” three times. 
  • Thwarting the Treasure Bugans! - This quest is also automatically bestowed when you first complete “Seeking the Treasure Bugans” and is completed by completing “Seeking the Treasure Bugans!” four times. This quest can only be completed once per event. 

You can trade your Coins of the Bugan in exchange for numerous rewards, including cosmetic pets, housing items, and more! Theodore Gorse's Lucky Feathers are available for Mithril and guarantee that Treasure Bugans appear in their scaled Instances for the next 90 minutes. The current list of rewards is as follows: 

  • Tome of the Formal Corgi 
  • Tome of the Blood Craban 
  • Bugan Treasure Sack – cosmetic item
  • Banquet Decoration – housing item selection box
  • Tome of the Teacup Goat Kid
  • Tome of the Golden Cave-Claw
  • Keen Bugan Treasure Sack – cosmetic item
  • Tipped Bag of Coins – housing item 

We hope you enjoy the Treasure Bugan Event!