On Saturday, March 15th, Crickhollow's Second Breakfast will host a journey around the Shire in search of ale and more ale. And then a few more pints after that.

(You may want to carry an extra keg with you for those long journeys in between pubs)

Meet at the Bird & Baby in Michel Delving at 5pm EDT/server time (we've shifted over to -4 GMT, so adjust your local time accordingly). We'll make a circuit around all of the pubs in the Shire. In each pub we'll stop for a song or poem and order another round from the local bartender before we stagger over to the next one. Those who can make it to the finish will end the day in Bywater's famed Green Dragon Inn.

(Management frowns upon dancing on the bar, but some things cannot be helped)

So join us this Saturday on the Crickhollow server for the somewhat annual Bullroarer Took Day Pub Crawl, and feel free to invite all of your friends and foes. Even orcs get thirsty sometimes.