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    Green Dragon Drinking Team (currently team leveling in need of a tank)

    Update: Looking for 1 tank +2 others of any class. If interested Contact Cadwalader/Eddiegoodeye on Firefoot by Im, in game mail, message here or apply at the website below.

    If you want to experience leveling Lotro in a group with emphasis on group content and as a team, The Green Dragon Drinking Team is glad to welcome you. Below is a summary of our progress and the info you need to join us. We play a designated set of characters 2-3 times a week and intend to level as fellowships and to run all of the instances as we go. We also intend to play the endgame content as a regular group who has created a fun, functional, and relaxed Kinship.

    Update: We are now up to 10. If interested please refer to the website linked below, it will give you all of the info you need to get started and set up a time to be invited. Feel free to start your character before you talk to me. Class needs are updated and listed on the website. We are now in need of 1 tank and 2 dps classes We will take another healing class if you are willing to play dps spec unless needed to do otherwise.


    Current Play times:
    8pm-11pm EST Thursdays and Saturdays (You can level on different days if you want, but we will be doing group content on these days. Most of us log on regularly at these times and level together)

    How we determine groups:
    We will divide questing groups into even numbers that consist of those who log in on time. Late comers will be added as is workable. Some of us are willing to run group content with newcomers on alts until we have two full groups.

    We are all levels 30-34 and questing GA to open up the fellowship content this week.
    We average about 8 levels per week so far, we have slowed down to 2-3 per week as we search for out last few members.

    We currently have 8 regular members and 2 new members who I am sure will be regular but are catching up. We'd like to have another 2-4 members but will do group content as two 5 man groups if needed.

    Class Needs:
    Tanks--------We need one, we have no wardens but either guardian or warden will be accepted

    Healers----- We have a minstrel and a runekeeper who will be our healers. We'll take a RK as dps who is available to heal if needed.

    Dps--------- We have one of each class in the game aside from a warden. Any dps/support class is welcome

    We want members to play what they like, but may not be able to accommodate multiple players in tank/healing roles until we have enough members to go beyond a second fellowship.

    Contact: Cadwalader/Eddiegoodeye on Firefoot. Im or in game mail.



    About us:
    Most of us are in our late 30s or early 40s, with a couple in their twenties, we accept any age as long as the player is mature and group oriented (mature meaning that you have not just been on earth since 1995. You should be able to communicate effectively, and posses sound logic.) So far we're having fun without the corporate style attitude that can make an mmo group into a job that doesn't produce a paycheck.
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    These are a good group for starters and vets:
    Green Dragon Drinking Team

    Fixed link.

    In Middle Earth from Beta 2

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    This really is how this game should be played, I have 10 85s, and 0 interest in another, however, I truly wish I had this available my first time around, 6 long years ago...
    Connomir: Warden of Firefoots Best, Resurrection.
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    A really great group of people with a really great idea and concept. I wish them all the best in their venture. Happy Adventuring in Middle Earth!

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    I love this and want to be a part! Checking out the website now... This is what the game needs more of, so much is missed by soloing to max level



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