Every tale has a hero, and every hero deserves the finest arsenal. The LOTRO Store is thrilled to announce the release of some truly great late-game legendary items! Whether you're a seasoned veteran or looking to elevate your gameplay, this is a golden opportunity to take your journey to the next level.

Elrond's Tracery Collection - Level 140

Whispering with the wisdom of the Eldar, Elrond's Tracery Collection awaits! A single box filled with a legendary tracery of your choice, along with two incomparable traceries tailored to characters level 131-140. Immerse yourself in ancient power from the choice of a Word of Power, Word of Craft, Heraldric Tracery, or Word of Mastery, handpicked to suit your class. Unveil the arcane secrets of the Eldar and bolster your strength for the challenges that lie ahead. Make each moment of your tale legendary!

Legendary Item Builder Set - Level 140

When the clang of steel and the rush of magic call, only the finest tools of the trade will suffice. Our Legendary Item Builder Set offers a handpicked legendary weapon just for level 140 characters, along with traceries crafted to perfection according to your specialization. Let every enemy quiver at your presence and every ally draw inspiration from your grandeur. It's time to embrace your destiny and become a beacon of hope in the darkest hours.

Library Starter Pack

Knowledge is power, and the Library Starter Pack is your key to the heart of Middle-earth's wisdom. With 1000 Ancient Script and two single-use maps leading to the Library Gobeth Teithian in Rivendell, you're all set to acquire and enhance a legendary item of your own! Unearth the mysteries of the ancient world, and remember - not all those who wander are lost!

Don't let the shadows overwhelm you, brave adventurers. These invaluable treasures are within your grasp for the very first time. Visit the LOTRO Store to unlock all the power that await within them!