The Midsummer Festival is here and the Yuletide Festival has returned!

We’re celebrating Midsummer and cooling off with a return of Yuletide through June 25th!

The Midsummer Festival has returned with new and returning rewards! We’re also cooling off with a return of the winter’s Yuletide Festival, and bringing back Yuletide Hobbit Gifts with new rewards!

Both Festivals are now active through June 25th.

Here are the new and returning rewards:

  • Circlet of Hanging Blooms
  • Ceremonial Staff of the Eternal Sun
  • Tome of the Wedding Celebration Pony (also available for Mithril)
  • Tome of the Wild Chocolate Donkey
  • Tome of the Wine-red Snake
  • Brimful Quiver Inn Signpost
  • Large Tree Garden
  • Potted Wisteria
  • Large Potted Wisteria
  • Large Potted Acai Palm
  • Medium Potted Date Palm
  • Skinny Potted Doum Palm
  • Large Potted Doum Palm
  • Large Potted Flowering Jacaranda
  • Small Potted Flowering Jacaranda
  • Medium Potted Jacaranda
  • Tall Potted Umbari Palm
  • Large Potted Sago Palm
  • Hanging Blooms Circlet or Eternal Sun Staff - Gift-wrapped Selection Box

Silver Yuletide Hobbit Gifts see the return of the Ringló Steed as a possible bonus gift. Gold Hobbit Gifts gain new Elven Leaf War-steed Cosmetics as a possible bonus gift.

Virtue XP awards from Hobbit Presents have been bumped up to the next higher tier for the duration of the festivals!

Also, "A Festive Flurry" quests now each require three completions of the daily quest "In the Spirit of Yule", down from four. Completing "A Fortune of Festive Spirit" now requires a total of twelve days of participation in the Yuletide Festival, down from sixteen.