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LOTRO Store Sales 05/01/15 - 04/07/15

20% Off Stat Tomes & More!
May 1st – 7th

Hobnanigans is back!
Grab a club and join the fun.
May 1st – May 10th
May 1st – 7th
+5 Hope Boost (90 minutes) x1
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Stat Tomes

20% Off
295 236
Character → Character Upgrades → Stats
Stat Tomes Trolls pounding you into submission? Friends defeated because you can't heal them fast enough? Then it may be time to upgrade your character's Agility, Fate, Might, Vitality, or Will stats. Don't worry, there are many easy ways to upgrade these stats! Level up your character. Get better gear by completing quests, crafting, and using the auction-house. Or use permanent stat boosting tomes that are dropped by enemies or purchased through the LOTRO Store. Food and drinks acquired in-game can also provide temporary boosts to your stats. Check out the details on each stat tome type!

Tome Of Will: Will increases your maximum power pool, your Out-of-Combat Power Regeneration, and how much you resist Fear effects, including cowering from Dread. It also contributes to increases in your Outgoing Healing Rating and Tactical Offence Rating.

Tome Of Agility: Agility increases your ability to evade and parry incoming blows, adds to the amount of ranged damage you deal, and increases your chance to critically hit a foe (ranged or melee). It also improved your Hit Chance.

Tome Of Fate: Fate increases your In-Combat Power Regeneration and In-Combat Morale Regeneration. Fate also increases the chance and magnitude of Criticals on Tactical skills (healing and damage spells).

Tome Of Might: Might increases your ability to block incoming attacks with a shield, parry incoming blows, or cause greater damage with a weapon. It also reduces incoming common damage.

Tome Of Vitality: Vitality increases your maximum morale, your Out-of-Combat Morale Regeneration, resistances to Wound, Disease and Poison effects. It also reduces incoming damage from non-weapon sources like Fire, Frost, Lightning, Acid and Shadow.

Regeneration Food

20% Off
5-50 4-40
Buffs & Services → Food & Drink
Regeneration Food Get an edge in the field!

This food provides you with in-combat morale regeneration, in-combat power regeneration, out-of-combat morale regeneration, and out-of-combat power regeneration. The amount of regeneration that you gain is based on your level.

Run Speed Boosts

20% Off
40-155 32-124
Buffs & Services → Buffs/Movement Buffs
Run Speed Boosts Put some power in your step. The Run Speed Boost and Combat Run Speed Boost are both great for getting you where you need to go, a little bit faster!

Good for:
+10% Run Speed Boost x5 (90 min)
Combat Run Speed Boost x5

+5% Attack Damage

20% Off
11-195 9-156
Buffs & Services → Buffs
+5% Attack Damage Put more hurt into the forces of Sauron. Gain a 5% increase to all melee, ranged and tactical damage for 90 minutes.

Reminder: New sales start each Thursday evening in the LOTRO Store!

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