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LOTRO Store Sales 08/28/15 - 09/03/15

25% off Rune-keeper, Warden & More!
August 28th - September 3rd

Bonus Weekend!
25% Skirmish Mark Boost
August 28th – 30th
August 28th - September 3rd
Rejuvenation Potion x5
Use Coupon Code RJVN5 1/Account
Click here for the LOTRO Store Coupon Guide
Class: Beorning

25% Off
1000-1295 750-971
Account → Account Upgrades
Class: Beorning The newest edition to LOTRO – The Beorning!

Unlock access to the Beorning and journey through the lands of Middle-earth as the descendent of Beorn himself!

-Provide support roles for a group of adventures
-Hold the front lines as an aggressive Tank
-Help to bring down the toughest of foes by adding damage to your lines!

Rune-keeper Class

25% Off
795 596
Account → Account Upgrades
Rune-keeper Class Start A New Character of the Rune-keeper Class!
  • Great for solo or group play
  • Change your role in battle by dealing damage or healing
  • Launch deadly attacks from a distance
  • Use words of power to summon the elements
  • Benefit from amazing power regen
Warden Class

25% Off
795 596
Account → Account Upgrades
Warden Class Start A New Character of the Warden Class!
  • Use powerful combo attacks with the unique Gambit System!
  • Swiftly block, parry, and evade your opponents!
  • Deal devastating blows & hold multiple enemies at once!
  • Restore your own morale!
Character Slots

25% Off
595 446
Account → Account Upgrades
Character Slots Create one additional character on each game world! Ten character slots available!
Slayer Deed Accelerators

25% Off
75-450 56-338
Buffs & Services → Advancement
Slayer Deed Accelerators Doubles the rate at which you complete slayer deeds for 30/60 minutes. Single and 5 stacks available.

Reminder: New sales start each Thursday evening in the LOTRO Store!

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