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2015 Producer's Letter

2015 Producer's Letter

Yule Festival

Yule Festival
December 16th - January 13th

Update 15: Gondor Aflame - Now Available

Now Available

Harvestmath Fest

Harvestmath Fest

Farmers Faire

Farmers Faire

Update 14: Paths of the Dead - Now Available

Adventure into the Realms of Men

Spring Festival

Spring is in bloom!

Dev Diary – Update 13 Quest Notes

It's been a long time coming, but here we are at the end of Volume III: Allies of the King, and in this edition of Quest Notes we'll take a look back at what it's taken to get here before looking forward to Book 14, 'The Waters of Isengard’ and beyond!

Dev Diary – Update 13 Revamps: The North Downs, the Trollshaws, and the Misty Mountains

We took a good, hard look at a few older zones from Shadows of Angmar for the content revamps in Update 13. The North Downs, Trollshaws, and Misty Mountains all needed some love.

The goal of this revamp was to spruce up some very outdated content and yet still retain all of the best aspects of these three very unique regions. There were some great stories, beautiful and diverse environments, memorable characters, and unforgettable moments throughout the content we looked at. Hopefully these have only been enhanced with the improvements that we've made.

Update 13: The Breaking of Isengard - Now Available

Adventure after the fall of Orthanc..

Announcing the Kingsfoil Championship League

Mayor Will Whitfoot unveiled plans today for Middle-earth’s first major sports league, the Kingsfoil Championship league.  The league will bring together teams from as far away Dunland and possibly beyond, though Mayor Whitfoot did acknowledge events in the east were a source of concern for some teams and their ability to travel at this time.

Apply for the 2014 LOTRO Players Council

Starting Today,  March 21st, 2014, we invite players to apply for the LOTRO Player’s Council. Don’t want to join yourself? Recommend a fellow player you feel will be a positive addition to the council. We may also select players based on their in-game and community behavior and extend an invitation even if they have not otherwise applied or been nominated. Council members will be announced on April 24th.

New Quarterly Wallpapers are here! (Q1 2014 Edition)

Here are the newest Quarterly Wallpapers for your desktop, cell phone, or tablet!

Developer Diary: Epic Battles - Rewards

Within the Battle for Helm’s Deep UI, on the ‘Road to Battle’ and ‘Battle History’ tabs is a widget for tracking the progress towards earning rewards. As you complete quests and objectives you will earn medals based on how well you do.

Developer Diary: Epic Battles – The Multi-Usage System

One of the areas of gameplay we looked at was the interactives. How did you interact with them, how did that interaction change the space and the environment, what choices and decisions were presented to you, and how did multiple people interact together, with the same or different options?

Developer Diary: Epic Battles – Roles and Promotions

As you play the Battle for Helm’s Deep and earn medals completing objectives and quests you will earn points to spend within Promotions, the advancement system for Epic Battles.

Developer Diary: Epic Battles - Merit and Medals

How many soldiers survive the wall, how many banners were burnt down, how many injured Rohirrim survived a diversionary assault, how many rocks did you block the culvert with, were there any supplies left, did the horses survive, how many enemy traps or barricades did you disable, how many traps or barricades were your allies able to construct?

Developer Diary - Epic Battles Introduction

Aloha, and welcome to the Battle for Helm’s Deep!

Western Rohan - The Region: A Developer's Diary

The second chapter of Rohan’s story has finally come to LOTRO, and it’s a big one!

Dev Diary – Helm’s Deep Quest Notes

Welcome to Quest Notes, the place to go for news and information about all things related to the Epic Story!

New Quarterly Wallpapers are here! (Q4 2013 Edition)

Here are the newest Quarterly Wallpapers for your desktop, laptop, or tablet!

Leveling Contest

Leveling Contest

Developer Diary: Trait Trees in Helm's Deep

Hey all. Let’s take some time to understand the class trait changes coming with Helm’s Deep. The biggest question I get about the class changes is… Why? It’s a pretty big question so I’ll try to break down a few of the reasons here.


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