December 10th 10:00 AM Eastern to January 5th, 2021 at 3:00 AM Eastern (-5 GMT)

End the year with a trip to the town of Winter-home, where all of your favorite Yule Festival activities and quests have returned. Just like winter, the festival will be gone before you know it so don't miss out!




      • Theatre Event

      • Head over to the local playhouse to catch the seasonal show. Afterwards, make sure to let the players know what you thought of their performance.

      • Snowball Fight

      • Check out the Snowball Arena where you can challenge your friends to a frosty duel. Repeat this snowy onslaught with Mithril Coins for more fun!

      • Eating Contest

      • Step right up and show the locals how it's done! Get your fill of pies, eggs, mushrooms, and more in the Winter-home eating contest.

      • Festival Square

      • The festival marketplace is an area of much merriment! Check out the local vendor, meet up with your fellows, or a raise a mug to toast the season.

    • Aid the Other

    • Did you help the rich last year? Make up for it this year! This quest can now be completed to experience the alternative endings.