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    février 2011
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    Bring Your Finest Frippery or Your Most Frightening Frock to Frights of Fancy! Sun Oct 27!!!

    As the temperature in Middle Earth turns a bit crisper, and the leaves turn into burnished jewels, a hobbit’s thoughts often turn to… well, mostly to pie, but also …

    “My stars and garters, Lobelia, where did you get that HAT?”

    “It’s really quite… something, isn’t it?”

    You wonder if the spider on the brim is an infestation from Scary or a daring fashion statement.

    Then Lobelia’s simper turns into a shriek of fright. She tears the hat off her head and stamps on it with both hairy hobbit feet…

    And bursts into tears.

    “Now what will I wear to the festival dance?”

    Fortunately, for this, you have an answer.

    If you’re looking to be inspired or want to show off your own finery of the Free Peoples, come join Rangers of the West on the Gladden server for Frights of Fancy on Sun, Oct 27, at 2 p.m. server time. Location-Bree Festival Stage. Take the festival horse from Bree to join the fun!

    The competition will be judged by some of our fine fashion bloggers-Nathrien, of Material Middle Earth, and Makaia of Style of Middle Earth.

    Categories will include

    • Scariest Costume
    • Autumn-themed

    Prizes for First, Second, and Third place.

    • 1st Place: 1550 LP Code +75 gold + Perlino Steed
    • 2nd Place: 500 LP +50 gold +Cremello Steed
    • 3rd Place: 25g + Tome of the Spirit Bear

    Registration will be on the day of the event.

    Come see the best dressed Free People on Gladden! Maybe even discover you’re one of them!

    Remember, that’s Gladden server for Frights of Fancy on Sun, Oct 27, at 2 p.m. server time.

    Bring your own pie!
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    LilyRose of Gladden, Mistress of the Rangers of the West Kinship. Come check out our kin at

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    octobre 2010
    For ease of consolidating information, we ask and questions or comments be made in the Player Events forum post, which can be fond here:!-Sun-Oct-27!!!



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