OK, some people may not get the slight tongue in cheek title - But I do wear glasses and still struggle so badly with things....

Now I know there have been comments made by @severlin about how he has TRIED (I iterate tried) to play the game on a 4k monitor and has struggled as he cant see the writing on the screen.

This needs to be a major fix in some up coming updates - I know for me personally im not getting any younger after over 12 years in the game and I wear glasses and since getting a 4k monitor can not even see what is written as a quest dialogue.

Question - as player that cant read the dialogue or see what an item is in the inventory with a 4k monitor am I supposed to A) HIRE a person with 1000/1000 vision or B) Ditch the £400 4k Monitor and get an old analogue / D 9 pin ??????

Maybe Severlin would like to also make a comment to this being someone from SSG that has complained about it in the past too - its time to put the UI aspects and overall client/game perspective to a forefront rather than trying to break classes that dont need breaking...…

How long will it be before there is a proper support/implemtation to have it so people with 4k monitors dont have to get a migraine or a magnifying glass to read the screen???? this so has to be a high priority thing by now.

There is probably more people with 4k / High Rez monitors than there are Pvp players - to which you cant say - "oh we dont do anything coz the population is so small" - I think many people these days are now running 1060-70 Ti's or 1080/gti's or equivalent.

Whats the time line to get this sorted - you have a time line as it is to go breaking the classes over the next few months and that wasn't really a priority over things like people being able to play the game in general