important info: since I am not the best in English I used the translator and hope it is understandable


So I don't go to the forum often, but I think it has to be again after I have seen
the one week after the class updates came back at the guard the first nerve ...

I do not want to draw a direct comparison to the warden (even though I do not know a game I know a few Main warden
and this had actually earned revisions) but so slowly the hat brim goes up a bit
as you say.

The update was roughly summarized by the Guardian: more damage and better bleeding were trimmed for Tanksills.
Say fewer goals and twice the cooldown on challenge. Okay, I could live with it's refueling
at least slightly more interesting. Although I have to say that some skills in the talent tree now more than bugs
were (paying off the bleeding on morals etc)

Warden got (only from hearsay): More damage, 20% morale, 20 k finesse, less CD on Aggroschrei, 5% Schadenredu given and and (let me like that
improve as I said only from the hearsay of the clan colleagues.

Now with Update 22.2.2 Class Update: Guard is annoyed again because the bleeding would be too high? So I say something like this: That what
the guard sometimes got (more damage) because other things were taken (parts of the tank skills) is now annoyed again
the restricted tank skills stay that way? I'm sorry, how much gaming experience do you have developers? 3 hours in total? ^^

This is about as useful as the changes in the Ministrel. Take the second healing rune is fine because that was a bug from the beginning and who does not realize that
Of course, it is your own fault but annoying the second one is so bad in terms of development (sorry for the following one)
Clarity) brain-crazed.

Balancing was so bad at Turbine and even worse at Warner. But if there is a competition, who will make these exacerbations
Wins is SSG I think by far number one. I've been there for over 10 years and have always been a loyal customer but this month is running
my VIP status again and that is now since the beginning really the first time where I am very much thinking about this not to renew .

By God it is not all bad I like, for example, the "difficulty" with Mordor again came a little but what about the classes
Partially made (I have all classes except for the warden) is crazy about common sense

That's just my personal opinion. does not mean red for me only for others everyone has their own opinion