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    novembre 2013

    10th Anniversary Soundtrack on vinyl petition

    I would like to spread the word that I have started a petition to convince Huge Sound Records that there is enough of a demand for the LOTRO 10th Anniversary Commorative Soundtrack to warrant the cost of a pressing. Chance Thomas said on Twitter "Unfortunately, we'd have to find at least 150 people who would pre-order the vinyl before they would go for it..."

    If you too would buy a vinyl copy of the album were one made available, please sign the petition and let them know!

    Please also feel free to help get the word out to your kinmates, friends on facebook, twitter, etc. if you think they would be interested. Thank you!

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    juin 2014
    Will buy, if it comes with a copyright release, for DJ purposes

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    septembre 2016
    2 227
    As someone with hundreds of records, I'm down for it. It's not something we are directly involved in as Standing Stone Games, as the release is Huge Sound Record's to do.
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    septembre 2010

    Thumbs up

    LOTRO music on vinyl records - brilliant idea

    If this happens I'll take at least two copies.
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    juin 2011
    In the Ninky Nonk
    5 695
    I'll buy a copy.


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    juin 2011
    Bristol, UK

    Thumbs up Count Me In!

    Surely one of the very few game soundtracks which more than deserves the added richness and authenticity of analogue sound. Count me in (assuming we're not talking insane price levels... haha) Petition signed! :)
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    juin 2011
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    This would be something that is ideal for Kickstarter (though with their fee's, it would bump up the cost). That'd be up to the producer though.



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