Hello everyone,

At the risk of posting this tread in the wrong section of the forum, as this is about macbook technical issues, I will post it here anyway as this is the place where people with most knowledge about the music system are likely to read it, and the Mac section of the forum does not provide answers as far as I can tell.

I have been a big fan of the Lotro music system since I started playing this game almost two years ago, and I have been enjoying myself with it immensely! A while ago I met a very nice player who is playing on a Macbook and I was invited to play some songs with her. Then she told me she is experiencing major music system issues on her Macbook, namely:

- playback of one instrument only (In a fellowship as well as just listening to a band play)
- Persistent bagpipe soundbug (Every time a song with bagpipes is being played)

I'm not familiar with Macbooks myself so I would like to ask:

- Are any of you using one, and not experiencing any problems at all?
- Are any of you using a Macbook and having the same issues?
- Any thoughts on what causes these issues and how to solve them?
- Do you know of a place with more information about these issues?

I'm sorry that I cannot provide any specific detailed information other than what I've written, as it's not myself experiencing these issues.

She did check the preferences.ini file and the maximum sounds settings seem normal. Also she is using the generic audio playback settings ingame.

However it would be great if a solution could be found for these issues. We're on a roleplaying server and there are a lot of events that involve music!

Best regards,