Well met!

A call to arms for all Rolling Kegs fans! We do battle (of the bands) at Weatherstock ON LANDROVAL

It's on the 14th of June (Saturday) at approximately 2:30pm Server Time / 7:30 UK time / 8:30 CET! This will be at Weathertop (Lone Lands). This is on Landroval server, and is perhaps the biggest event in all of LotRO, bringing bands from around the servers to pit their songs against each other for two prizes! We never thought we'd be picked to compete, but we were, and now we're sharpening our lutes and oiling our pibgorns!
Do bring your beards earlier. The festivities begin at the Forsaken Inn at around 12noon Server Time / 5pm UK time / 6pm CET. Also, the Shades, our only sister band from Laurelin competing with us, play just before us in the line-up, so why not come support them too!

And to whet your appetites, we're putting on a big one-hour concert THIS THURSDAY, the 5th of June, at 4pm Server Time / 9pm UK time / 10pm CET. It's part of the pre-Weatherstock festivities, which they're calling the Weatherstock Concert Series. Ours will take place at Frerin's Court, Thorin's Gate, Landroval Server, at the foot of the big statue.
We'll have a lot more to play with an hour at our disposal. So expect more of our usual fun jokes, dance tunes and solemn dwarf anthems.

Thanks! - Bob the Bard (Raggolgrimbob of the Red Mountains)

p.s. how about a repeat of this concert next week on Laurelin?