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    décembre 2012

    minstrel first age weapon appearances

    Does anyone have screen shots of the 95 FA for minstrels that they would be able to share? I'm trying to decide on a weapon type for a healer, and it's come down to aesthetics. Thank you!!

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    mai 2012
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    If none reply here, you could also ask around your server (on glff channel for more chance of responses) for anyone to link their 95 Minstrel FA weapons in chat window. Any weapnosmith who can craft FA weapons can also link them in chat window from the crafting panel without having to actually craft them first. You can preview weapons the same way as you do for outfits (ctrl + left click), and it could be easier to decide when you actually see your character holding them.

    I have no minstrel that high level and can't speak for 95 FAs, but I've been preferring maces for my lower-level-ish minstrel. Since there's no melee action to speak of with this class, a bladed weapon seems unnatural to me for a healer, whereas maces tend to look like scepters to be lifted up and ceremoniously waved about: more regal and dignified. And more clerical somehow. But that's just me, to each their own
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