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    Date d'inscription
    septembre 2010
    The Shire

    Red face [Imladris RP Event] Spring Celebration!

    Join in on the celebration of the Spring Festival where there will be music, ale & pipeweed along with quite a few stories to tell!
    Open to all races and interested role-players of this server! (those who are new to RP are welcome as well!)

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    Attire: Formal and colorful
    RP Style: Casual
    Location: South of Celondim, up the stairs (29.3s, 92.6w)
    Date/Time: May, 30th - 8pm EST Servertime.


    If there are any bands interested in playing in the event, please PM me on the forums.

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    novembre 2011
    Lond-en-Aur, Falathlorn, Landroval
    I'll certainly try to be there, and I'll advertise it to my kin.
    Galadhloth, Hunter 100, Glirithil, Mini 100, Calanor, LM 100, plus lots and lots of alts
    Watchers of Elendil ~ Landroval ~ Crickhollow ~ Tarciryan Knights
    ~~~~ Imladris in the Forgotten West ~~~~

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    juin 2011
    I would love to come - unfortunately the starting time translates to 2am local time for me. And that is way too late for my aging body to stay up til.

    Still, I wish you all the very best for the event.



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