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    octobre 2010

    2014 Spring Festival Cosmetic Rewards

    Here are screenies of the new 2014 Spring Festival rewards. In each set, you'll see the default colors of each piece to the left and a version dyed red to the right. As with the pattern established by the past several festivals, no dress or tunic...just a reskinned robe and "tablecloth" steed.

    Trellis-weave Robe (18 Spring Leaves)

    Trellis-weave Cloak (15 Spring Leaves) and the Hooded Trellis-weave Cloak (15 Spring Leaves)

    Steed of Spring Gardens (40 Spring Leaves) and the worn Trellis-weave Caparison (20 Spring Leaves)

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    septembre 2010
    Watertown, MA
    2 933
    Admittedly, the detailing on the textures is very pretty.

    Would be nice to see a little more variety in the styles, though. The war-steed cosmetic system, in particular, is missing a lot of good non-caparison components.
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