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    octobre 2012
    United States

    Idea for a RP kinship on Landroval - is there anything like this yet?

    I've been roleplaying for about a month with my elf, Elldelotha, on Landroval, and heartily enjoying it so far.

    Last week, I decided to make a race of man lore-master from Rohan who likes to tame animals, and sells hand-crafted jewelry, but also to protect others around Middle-earth, even if that means fighting to do it.

    Then I came upon an idea: is there a kinship for only race of man women characters (from any area in Middle-earth) who are warriors, yes, but also are interested in trade and crafting?

    If not, I'm wanting to start a kin on Landroval, and if you have a woman character, I'd love for you to join!

    Any feedback on this idea would be most welcome and appreciated!

    -Makaia of Gladden (my main character )
    Moderator of @LOTROcosmetics on twitter and
    Playing on Gladden & officer in Rangers of the West

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    février 2013
    USA west coast
    Never heard of one. And lots of women out there.

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    septembre 2011
    There were two female-character only kinships on Laurelin, one being the Maiden's Spear and I forget the name of the other one. It was a group of lady vigilantes though.

    As for Landroval, I do not believe there are any in existence, so it'd definitely be good if you started one. They're a lot of fun to work with and figure out the group storyline.
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