I have indeed made substantial searches on google with regards to this problem, but have yet to have found an actual explanation as to what is causing this to happen in my case.

The launcher seems to get stuck at 'Installing Pre-Reqs' completely randomly, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't, it doesn't work for ages on end, then suddenly it does, even without a reboot. All this while, lotro servers are up, based on various sources of server status.

Posts I've read about this problem in the past usually involved some error on Turbine's side which they were trying to fix, so what is causing this problem for me? I am not connecting using a proxy, so suggestions that I've read to connect with no proxy are also unhelpful. Furthermore, turning off my mac's firewall does not solve the problem, let alone allowing the application to pass it. I am running on Mountain Lion.