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    septembre 2013

    The Mithril Legion is recruiting

    The Mithril Legion is looking for active members. We are a rank 8 kinship with kinhouse. We are a kinship that is interested in experiencing every bit o content LoTRO has to offer. We currently have one 12 man raid up and running. We have successfully raided Helegrod Giant, Spider and Drake wing. As well as all the Moria raids. If you are interested in raiding please come check us out. Long term goal is to get 8) 12 man raid teams up and raiding. If you want to push content further and harder then any other raid team on the server. Do you want to see bosses drop first time every time? If interested please contact Jaffeth, Maylynn, Recklis, Litta, Bendagnir, Gilvarin, Luilela, Niawyn, Zilos or Jarlaxal in game.
    Dernière modification par Japheth0401 ; 31/03/2014 à 12h10.

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    octobre 2013

    Mithril Legion (by rumor) has moved to Brandywine. I was in this Kinship but it has died out because of a switch to a move active server.



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