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Discussion: Ost Dunhoth trophies?

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    juillet 2011

    Ost Dunhoth trophies?

    My madness in lotro is to collect all the trophies from the instances and raids, but I'm stuck at OD now... I have done it t2c several times, but no huorns/music box dropped... I asked my friends and also in glff, and they said they were removed from the loot table. Is this true, and if yes does anyone know if they'll be added to skirm camps (just like the skull of thorog) or we'll never be able to get them?

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    septembre 2013
    I keep this Thread up because do not believe its hard for Turbine to check the loot table for these Trophies ( something i realy want )

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    septembre 2010
    2 007
    According to this thread, those items were still dropping within the last few months.

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    juin 2013
    I also have hunted for these drops: especially the huorns. I have done many T2 in the hope to get one of these of the music, but no: nothing :-(

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    avril 2015
    We had a red huorn drop a few weeks ago from t2c. Was quite a surprise actually, as we thought OD housing items were gone from the game. Apparently they're just extremely rare.



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