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    décembre 2010

    The NEW NEW "best of" Thread

    Well i think the last time i made this it was more of a troll so this one will be more serious.......


    Burgs~ terom, cause well yea its terom
    captain~ Farriel, dont really need to explain that, impossible to kill along with who ever she is grouped with
    Champs~ Thorfinn with a side of aervoth, both really good at class and do insane amount of dmg makin me QQ
    Hunters~ Tops, got that pro Pew Pew ur dead
    Guards~ Kaha nuff said, then jaradan always a fun fight
    LM's~ Riz and pige, both are equally annoying... and do good dmg
    RK~ this one is gonna be a trio, Wonderr,reggahs, and (srry for spelling) lrindir <- i think? along those lines New Rk hits like a fricken truck
    warden~ nupraptor he got some nice bleeds and doesnt die as fast i would want him to
    Mini~ Crico dont need to explain my self he's a monstah

    Creep, the fun part

    Reaver~ Itty/wardi again dont need to explain
    BA~ icjyou, cause well... you simply take to many of my kbs
    Spida~ Halkin, doesnt play but who cares was and still is the best
    Filers~ Guido, Doesnt play anymore but still best.
    Wargs~ Murkalurk hands down cant touch him, kills you in 5 secs and hes gone
    WL~ Yours truely, Yup i did it i posted my self in my own fourm post what ya gonna do about it, Oh and raidang he is good as well

    clearly this says it all, now go QQ cause you didn't make the list

    Love yours truely,


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    décembre 2010
    burg- hayfora, terom -good 1v1s
    captain- farriel -good 1v1s
    champion- thorfinn -major props to you for playing a broken class so well
    guardian- apagon -good 1v1s
    hunters- tops -good 1v1s
    loremaster- riz -good 1v1s
    minstrel- any mini that can spam heal
    runekeeper- wonderr -same reason as above
    warden- nubraptor -intense 1v1s before the bleeds got fixed

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    décembre 2010

    Notlobster I can't beat this guy, and he makes a case for best warg too. Clinton still has arguably the best name ever though.
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    janvier 2014

    Moar 1v1s!

    Burglar: Hayfora (not going to mention my self) Goddse, Really Has improved over the span of 1-2 months
    Champion: Thorfinn and Aervoth
    Mini: Bloin
    Hunter: Tops
    Captain: Farriel
    Warden: Nupraptor
    Rk: Wonderr Seems to give me the bests fights atm
    Loremaster: Rizoel and Pigeon

    Reaver: Ittybitty, Shagger, and Wardien always give me the best fight but still goign to mention burz because... well hes burzan
    Warg: Senisterra, Eateroffreeps, and Foglump seem to give me good fights every now and then
    Spider: Notlobster, Kryax, and Gosmith
    Defiler: Filers are pretty broken atm but Yomamagash gives me a good fight
    Warleader: Chiron deffinatly (cant out dps his heals when he is in commanders) Raidang and Murkatop are pretty good too.
    Blackarrow: Icjyou and Freebaone seem to give me good 1v1s as Does Radein

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    juillet 2012

    copy and paste

    Citation Envoyé par TeromMoret Voir le message
    Burglar: Hayfora (not going to mention my self) Goddse, Really Has improved over the span of 1-2 months
    Champion: Thorfinn and Aervoth
    Mini: Bloin
    Hunter: Tops
    Captain: Farriel
    Warden: Nupraptor
    Rk: Wonderr Seems to give me the bests fights atm
    Loremaster: Rizoel and Pigeon

    Haha, fun. I'm going to give it a try. been in moors for a bit more than 4 months so i'll name what i've seen on my time in here. And just going to name one or 2 of each. Ok here we go:


    Reaver: Grombr: This one is the man. Amazing strategist and good leader, always putting out well made groups. Too bad he rqs a lot.
    Ittybitty: Another beast, almost unbeatable when he burns every cd, what am i saying? UNBEATABLE.

    Spider: Ntouaslkhasdjfhagjhntou: sorry i can't name this spider. I QQed everytime i found her before U12, made my life a pain with all the good kiting and poison stacking. Now that i can spam cure combat stats spiders are not a problem anymore for me, but no doubt Ntou has been the best spider while i've been around.

    Blackarrow: Freebaone, beard's BA. I have scars made by his arrows in my forehead.

    War-leader: Moklum: tough as hell, really knows how to roll a WL.
    Funker: same as the last mentioned, can't cashout more than 9k form both.

    Warg: Lurid: with no doubt the best warg of the server right now, tho haven't seen for the past weeks, hope he didn't transferred.
    Gannonwolf: I tryed, can't beat this warg in 1vs1.
    Eateroffreeps: Always chases me, ALWAYS. with a parter, but still, never doubts jumping me and it's something to remark.

    Defiler: Mamasita Leagash: The revamp has been tough for filers but we all know that she's the best.
    Kornakhakas: correct me if the name is not well writen. He's been doing very good despite of the little love devs have for defilers.


    Just naming people i've played with, or against.

    Burglar: Mrboombastic: always a pleasure being escorted by this filthy hobbit, makes me laugh, and that's important.
    Steals: HH is not a safe place to pve now because of him.
    Hayfora/Terom: they never hips in order to escape, they will just come for more.

    Captain: Iriddian: No one plays the class better than him, and has no problem to trait red if the groups needs that OB.

    Champion: Same deal as defilers, champs are going through a bad time in the game right now but Thorfinn, Aervoth and Elekktrowolf are still the best, not running glory Ezmode.

    Guardians: not going to say that i'm the best.

    Hunter: Tops, the man doesn't need 2 healers and a captain to go out of GV and make some damage.

    Lore-Master: Rizoel/Pigeon: be afraid if they get you out of your range, you'll melt down in seconds.

    Minstrel: Melyaneth: my lovely pocket heals. I don't need to talk with her to know what are we going to do next, playing with her is the best thing this game has and no one, NO ONE, on this server heals better than her.

    Rune-keeper: Wonderr, the greatest rune-keeper, realiable healer and nasty dpser. have seen hits for more than 20k on creeps with full aud. Has a great sense of what is going on on the fights and he has no problem to call everything. great leader.

    Warden: Nupraptor: shagger will make you bleed till you get dry.

    Ok, that's it. Apagon out.
    Apagon r12 Guardian - Feianor r10 Rune-Keeper

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    décembre 2010
    New Zealand
    In my 3 or 4 months of playing - these are players who actually still play


    Burgs~ Terom/boom etc, most of them are pretty good
    captain~ Farriel irridian alot of armour OBS
    Champs~ Elekktrowolf engages like a spartan ching ching
    Hunters~ Tops dat dps
    Guards~ apagon kaha always bleeding us out yo
    LM's~ Rizoel nasty fire lagmaster
    RK~ Wonderr good heals, good leader
    warden~ merryxmas nice bleeds
    Mini~ mely


    Reaver~ Grombr great leader
    BA~ Icju, fimborc ,zomar
    Spida~ Kitwen dat cc ty for webs, gosmith
    Filers~ Leagash - Although haven't seen her for a while - was fun running away from burgs lol ,can't decide on remaining filers, probably Slimelord, nice healing duos
    Wargs~ Hungry, eateroffreeps, dat warg pack is pre sick aswell
    WL~ Raidaing, murk ,mj - bubbles much love
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    Kornakhas -Defiler, Korbashburz -Reaver, Kortdogestyle -Warg, Kornquickscopamlg - Black Arrow, Kornslurpyourblood - Weaver -Pyrrhic
    Kortahl-Captain, Korthillion-Rune-Keeper, Korthro-Lore Master, Korthallion-Minstrel, Kormornoroth-Champion - The Dark Legion

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    septembre 2012
    Let's try...


    Burgs Terom
    Captain Farriel Iriddian
    Champs Aervoth, Thorfinn, Elekktrowolf
    Hunters Tops
    Guards Kaha
    LM's Rizoel, Pigeon
    RK Wonderr
    Warden Nupraptor
    Mini Is Laeron still around?Otherwise i'd say Mely


    Reaver Grombr, Ittibitty, Wardien
    BA Zomar, Icjyou, Radien and i want to name Zurak even though he is a nub
    Spider Kitwen
    Defiler Leagash
    Wargs Sinisterra, but i don't remember many wargs atm
    WL Raidang, Murk ,Mj and i wish i could name myself

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    août 2013

    Burgs: Terom i really enjoy see this burg fighting,Hayfora,Beardzilla,Re ijy
    Cappies: Irridian,Farriel top captains atm
    Champs:Thorfinn HD Even though the class is far from op as in RoI/RoR,U13 make things worse but im sure that you will figured it out,Elekktrowolf,Aervorth
    Hunters:Tops never give up,Artyka very nice dps
    Guards:Apagon(RoR i could kill him while watching TV,HD i couldnt even scratch his armour,U13 im not still sure that i can beat this tiny guard)
    Lm's: Rizoel i love you emotes
    Rk: Wonderr,Leoscribe
    Warden: Merryexmas OP Bleeds very good Wardien*Warden i mean,Nupraptor,Rackitt
    Mini:Melyaneth When we see mely in a group we all know thats its gonna be a really hard fight


    BA's: Icjyou.Freebaone,Warpanksterga ngsterflankster
    Defilers: Shapheelz
    Reavers: Wardien is a beast,Ittybitty-1 is a beast,Grombr is the best raid/group Leader
    Wargs: Baneoffirehands really happy to cu back,Winrawr,Thefinger
    WL's: Murkaderp,MJ,Melacopter(Raidan g fix your pc and come back)
    Weavers: Kryiax,Notlobster,Ntoukaiksana ntou,Meopyouqqnow best spiders
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    R12 spider Gosmith,R12 guard Gosmithh

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    octobre 2010
    Since the few months I've been back on the server and the ones I've seen play since my return:

    Burglar - Terom
    Captain - Rizoelx
    Champion - Thorfinn
    Hunter - Bae's Hunter (Forgot which name belongs to which class)
    Guardian - Apagon
    Lore Master - There any out?
    Minstrel - Bloin
    Rune Keeper - Bae's RK (Look above to Hunter)
    Warden - Vvardien

    Blackarrow - Icjyou
    Defiler - Have to go back to Leagash since there aren't any good Defilers
    Reaver - Ittybitty
    Stalker - Skmuzy
    War Leader - Mikeljakson
    Weaver - Gosmith
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    novembre 2010
    Brasília - Brasil
    Freep Side:

    Captain: Farriel, Iriddian
    Champion: Thorfinn
    Hunter: Artyka
    Guardian: Apagon
    Lore Master: Pigeon
    Rune Keeper: Leoscribe, Wonderr
    Minstrel: Melyaneth

    Creep Side:

    Black Arrow: Zomar, Icjyou (Frank)
    Reaver: Ittybitty, Maldad
    Weaver: Threefangs
    Defiler: Kornakhas
    Warg: Lurid
    Warleader: Mikeljaksun
    Crickhollow - Defiler Leagash Rank 14
    Brandywine - Weaver Arapuca Rank 8
    Windfola - Defiler Bebete Rank 8
    Windfola - Lore Master Uiara Rank 6

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    octobre 2012
    Instead of naming the obvious veterans that have played their classes for a long long time, I want to nominate some new faces in the moors I see have potential:

    Champion: Kaptio
    Guardian: Iorunnen
    Lore Master:
    Rune Keeper: Kapito
    Warden: Galoran
    Minstrel: Trance (get more mits...)

    From creep point of view I don't pay attention to other creeps, but

    Black Arrow:
    Reaver: Zaghup
    Warg: Murkalurk
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