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Discussion: Ranger Hidden Deeds

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    février 2012

    Ranger Hidden Deeds

    Playing Ranger for the first time in awhile and just complete the deed "Recovery of TR" and the others like that. Are there any rewards for doing this like a title or such like?
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    juin 2008
    Troll has the same thing, and as far as I know, nope.
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    I could be mistaken, but I think those deeds are artifacts from when Destiny Points were the main currency for crepe side, instead of commendations. If I remember correctly, those deeds used to award Destiny Points. Now that trolls and rangers cost commendations to participate in, it wouldn't make any sense to then award them as well.

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    juin 2011
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    If you get 8.666 Kb's as a ranger, you get to roll a dunedain ranger as a freep class from lvl 1
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