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    juin 2013

    Pros and Cons of Neighborhoods?

    Getting closer to kinship rank 7 and looking for a house. I'd like to give my kin some things to think about as we decide where to buy our house. Can anyone give me pros and cons of each neighborhood - convenience to facilities, aesthetics, etc? I appreciate the chance to learn from your experience. Thanks!!

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    juin 2011
    From top of my head:

    Pro - Close to stable master in TH.
    Neg - It feels closed in to me. But if you like the dwarf architecture I guess it's awesome. Just not for me.

    Pro - Hmm. I guess again it's a matter of liking the elf architecture or not.
    - I have to confess the Kinship houses here have nice layout.
    Con - Distance from stable master. Not sure if quicker to just ride trough to the Shire so correct me if wrong here.

    Pro - Fairly close to stables in MD.
    - It's hobbits! Again my taste but the layout is real nice.
    Con - None really unless you don't like hobbits.

    Pro - My preferred one. But pretty much only cause it's fairly close to Bree and the south stable master there.
    Con - A bit to far if you have to go on foot to Bree. But then again who runs these days.

    If I where you I'd just take a little tour with some of your kinship members and see what they prefer.
    I'd also try to get a neighborhood that is as close to empty as possible so you can get your personal houses together.
    Made it more fun for us at least.

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    juin 2013
    After looking closely at all four homesteads, I chose the Thorin's Hall homestead for both my personal and kinship houses. While having an outdoor house would have been nice (the lighting is not the best for showing off yard decorations), having two crafting halls, an auction house, and a stable-master within a quick ride made the final decision very easy. If living in a cave is not your thing, but you still want to be close to resources, I would recommend the Shire, Bree-land, and Falathlorn homesteads in that order.

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    mai 2007
    Maybe you should wait till we at least have more information on the housing changes coming at some point* this year.. the latest info was that it was being done in conjunction with a kinship tweak or that the two were somehow mutually exclusive? So especially if youre in the market for a kinhouse, with such a big price tag, maybe best to wait and see whats new?




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