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    octobre 2012

    How long should I wait before filing a bug-ticket and how, exactly, should I report this?

    Situation: in-game, I had bid on an item at the auction house and, at that time, I saw that the auction was almost over (in its last hour). So, having nothing better to do in-game, and something better to do in RL, I idled the character "AFK" near the auctioneer for about 10-15 mins, and did something else. Upon returning to keyboard, I was surprised to (already) see a system message that told me that I had won the auction; however, there was no "new-mail" notification, and I noticed that every other character seemed to be "frozen", and I went to the mailbox, where there was no mail waiting to deliver my item.

    I thought, "maybe some kind of connection interruption", and I exited the game completely, and then logged-back-in, right-away: there was no mail to either deliver the item or refund my last bid, and the auction had indeed ended. Everything else seemed to be running fine, game-wise.

    More than six hours later, there is nothing new or different to report.

    Although I have never before had any issues with the in-game mail system I have heard of other players experiencing problems from time to time. Accordingly, I seek a little guidance as to how much real-world time I should "reasonably" give the mail system to sort itself out and, assuming it doesn't "within that reasonable time", if anyone can suggest any style or format for compiling a report. Alternatively, perhaps another member has had this same issue, and maybe knows that it isn't a "mail-limbo" issue, and I would be grateful to be apprised.

    Interestingly (for me, anyway), the item in-question is not terribly valuable in its own right and, furthermore, my own last bid was poised to acquire it for only "a song": the "bereaved" character has not been left penniless by this incident, nor is appreciably discommoded by the item's "failure to appear"; however, it was a piece of equipment, and I would appreciate acquiring it before my character outlevels its usefulness ...

    That's all to say, really, for now. Any insight would be appreciated.


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    décembre 2008
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    Sometimes if you log off and back on it appears in your mail/bag (wherever it is supposed to be). It should not take 6 hours. If the time of the auction has passed and your item hasn't been received, /bug it right away and also file a ticket for a GM. They may be able to help you with this - but you will have to be online for them to contact or they will simply close the ticket.

    Good luck.
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