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    Date d'inscription
    octobre 2013
    143 Puppy Lane, Happy Evergreen Village, Draconia Incorporated

    Hello again my dear brothers

    I love you all, and i am here to tell you of the salvation offered by the ever-benevolent Mustelids, come now and be rescued from the temporal haze of normalcy. Step up to the 8th plane and dwell with our Mustelidian Overlords, we are few, but we are cuddly, come one come all, the Mustelids want your servitude.

    Be one of the happy-fun cheerful lovers of Mustelids foreverandeverandever.

    The ever-benevolent happy Mustelids of happy-love have graciously bestowed me with cheery-happy-fun from the enlightened 8th plane. Thank you Mustelidian Overlords. I love you all, live and be merry.
    Get up, go outside, run to your nearest field,and frolic;
    frolic till you find the meaning of life, then sit down and sing cheery songs till dawn.
    I have been sent by the Mustelids, who are inter-dimensional beings leading us.
    I am one of few Mustelidian High Priests. Join our order.

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    Date d'inscription
    novembre 2010
    Yes! Join the Mustelidians! Life is happy fun and full of good cheer when you're on the 8th plane.

    Join us and live a carefree life of shiny brightness forever!

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    Date d'inscription
    août 2011
    In Rainbows
    Hear hear, jump on the wagon of happyfun. The 8th plane is where it's at.
    Meshoot, rank 10 Blackarrow; Hazghnaz, rank 7 Reaver; Blackdingus, r6 Defiler
    Officer of Freepaphiles, Riddermark; Founder of DANCES WITH FREEPS, Gladden
    Aka Grumpis the honorable Mustelidian Pew Pew of love and cheery brightness.
    >:} Memento Mori {:<



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