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    avril 2007
    Western Mass.

    Instrument Cosmetics (back)

    I have searched and didn't see anyone suggesting a back slot cosmetic instruments, all were equipping it like a weapon. My suggestion is maybe a back slot
    Cosmetic that looks like a drum or a lute like a quiver. I think it be pretty to have a lute strapped to my back then a cloak of backpack. I would think it wouldn't be to hard since they already have the skins for the instruments but I am not a coder just a rp gamer. Thanks for the consideration.

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    mars 2007
    14 337
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    This have beeing sugested before but is a nice idea before. We know at least the graphics have been created. There is 1 NPC at West Rohan, that carries a sling fiddle when walking around. Maybe we will see more sling instruments on playable characters some time soon.
    IIRC we have only one back slot. It can equip a cloak,
    or a backpack, or a quiver, et cetera. You would have
    to decide, if the feature went in, whether you wanted to
    equip an instrument or a cloak.
    Eruanne - Shards of Narsil-1 - Elendilmir -> Arkenstone



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